Precious Gift

These bodies
Our soul
Our existence
So precious
So miraculous
To be here
Heart beating
Experiencing creation
From infinite perspectives
Infinite possibilities
Infinite love
Such a precious gift
The gift of life
Breathe it in
Feel your life flowing though your lungs
Your heart
Your awareness of being alive
This beautiful planet
Birthed from the cosmos
Through the portal of the great mother
Mother Earth
Our mothers
Our fathers
Our sisters and brothers
Our ancestors
Our grandchildren’s grandchildren
Feel the beauty in that
The awe and the wonder of it
The animals
The mountains
The trees
The rivers
The ocean
Of breathing life

Instagram Repost: @auroraborealisobservatory

body #breath #life #infinite #gratitude #awe #experience #miraculous #gift #beauty #wonder #all #resonance #love

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