Ascending Into The Divine Matrix

We can only heal shadow play through lovelight play. Don’t give up on each other. If it is in you it is in me too. If it is in you I must have created it to be in you to show me where it is in me. Our outer reality informing us of our greatest shadow aspects. The beauty that it shows us our loving aspects too.

There is no love more pure than divine love. Free from distortion. Once we embody divine love we can then project divine love into the divine matrix for a divine love existence.

Each lifetime we get closer and closer to this golden age as we heal our shadow programming from toxic societal imprinting. We do the work to consciously release patterns, thoughts, ideas about others and self that are not love. We can all shine releasing ego manipulation, jealousy, fear, envy, greedy false power forceful ego constructs. Empowering self and other to shine lighting up the whole planet with love.

Through great forgiveness of we, as we are one. Releasing attachment to distorted programmed ways of interrelating. Agreed upon toxic norms. Those dependent on others for self worth, for security, for validation, an outside enemy to feel good and righteous.

Standing now in our sovereign loving pure nature.. not co-dependent, yet not fiercely independent. Balanced, grounded and a pillar lighthouse healed and able to come together. Divine love resonant lighthouse unity.. co-creative imaginative magical flow uniting a peaceful loving society. Having created the divine inner temple within and now so without.

Welcome to the realization of 5th dimensional golden age consciousness awareness. The divine matrix.

lovelight #play #divine #love #matrix #embodiment #temple #within #consciousness #5d #flow #sundancer #weareone

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