Divine Creation

We don’t have to throw up our defenses and engage with and feed the matrix games of separation, division and hatred that come into our daydream.

Being triggered and responding so will keep the repeating victimhood whoa is me karmic cycle loop continuing over and over. What truly truly triggered you? Go deeper. Not just they are bad or wrong, but what is it in you? Ever deeper than you have allowed yourself to go before. Hitting the pause button, not blaming, observing lovingly.

Potential envy, jealousy, lack of feeling powerful so needing to be forceful, lack of feeling self worth so undermining another’s. Doubted or saw it going wrong and then wonder and blame other why it did. When you created it in your mind to go wrong. Grasping onto inner fear manipulation projected outward circumstance habit. Shadow trauma soap opera never ending drama narrative pathway creations we all have accumulated over millenia.

Opposite of our clear creative loving imagination light hearted consciousness that resonates with the subtle peaceful realms.

Go deeper, go within you. Shine the light down deep into the mist of the subconscious. It is never about other truly. Fear attachment autopilot irrational inner ramblings. False delusion making you think that you aren’t creating your experience. See it. Reverse it. Truth being created in and from your mind.

When we run away and don’t look deeper beyond the surface we will always be running. When truly we are running away from ourselves facing our scripts, false beliefs of lack, inner talking, trauma responses and fear.

Step out of the river. Watch the flow. Why do you hit the same branch over and over in relationships? Look within you. These moments are designed as training lessons to assess mastery. They aren’t outside forces coming to harm you. When you see it and then shift your response you have ascended in consciousness. 👏

Will we respond the same old way? Whoa is me, how could they? What if you start asking.. How did I? Why do I keep coming back to these moments? Hold self with love like a curious student of reality and observe, watch. See with new eyes. Purified eyes of what is really happening. How your consciousness is materializing your outer reality into form. How you perpetuate the story of not being worthy of the love of others through running and division. How you script them as wrong or bad. That their shadow is any worse than yours. Ultimately reflecting yours. Powerful reflections the ego would never want to admit.

These daydreams aren’t personal attacks, they are Earth School trainings in awake conscious awareness. We can become lucid to them just as we can nightdream lucidly, creating limitless adventure and joy with others.

Try not to engage, take it personal or dramatize it. See how these lower thought forms, beliefs, hats, roles and archetypes perpetuate these repeating ‘scene’ arios in relationship. Relationship our greatest teacher about Self.

This is a radically sovereign way of looking at how we inform our reality, not how we are victims to it. Join the new earth clean up crew. Dance as you mop away lower thought forms. Allowing yourself to truly in joy sacred relationship on a crystalline sparkling dance floor. The new dance floor reflecting out deep love from other through ourselves. Deep care from other through ourselves. Giving them the same love and care. Holographic love mirror.

Scripting how you want others to see you, to relate to you and to love you. An amazing new chapter of mastery.

The goal to transition to love in all thought forms. Loving yourself through the process. When seeing not love in outer reality, taking full responsibility with a light heart for how you created it and jumping to a higher timeline, leaving the lower timeline. Lightening the Self imposed loaded burden of others being responsible for your happiness. Peace comes from within. The inner shift creates the outer shift.

This very advanced work isn’t simple, easy or habit. Take what resonates. Carefully use discernment when navigating the matrix. You are the navigator. Read between the lines. Trust your own path and higher self. Many are called, few are chosen and few choose themSelves. For those with eyes to see.

I Am….

Photo from Instagram: @purl0w

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