Becoming The Mother Board

Our outer reality is a screenplay in a beautiful dance with our subconscious mind. The hidden part of the iceberg, not always easily seen, projects outward to the surface level through interactions with other ships, animals coming in, weather and ocean currents/frequencies. We can flow with our outer reality to inform us of what is hidden within, deep below the surface, that keeps us from feeling the sun shine brightly within us.

All is our teacher. Relationships are our teacher. We don’t have to take ourselves so seriously. We can have fun with this dance, experiment and play with it. As we shift the toxic and outdated programs running in the background we can mindfully construct our own for our greatest and highest. Becoming the divine nurturing mother board creating a new motherboard operating system within: one of grace, sovereignty, self-love, peace, joy and fun. Our mindful neutral observance of inner talking is the key to making this shift.

Enjoy yourself and how amazing you are. Truly!

Ascending to love through great reverence and self-love, no matter what is shown and seen. Knowing thyself with radical self acceptance to heal thyself.

So blessed and grateful for all of the relationships throughout my journey showing me all that is not love within me. I love you ALL. As you are me and I am you. As one TOGETHER AGAIN 🌹

Photo credit to Instagram pages: @guidetoiceland and @dr_brown for these beautiful iceberg photos

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