Holographic Reality

Higher Dimensional Consciousness… Enlightened Reality Through Self Love

When you see something you have created that brings dissonance to you:

Remember you are in a hologram creating your outer reality. Take full responsibility, hit reset and paint, script and create the way you want it, having removed sabotaging thought patterns. Your outer reality will always show you where you are not loving yourself or not standing in your power to create the life you want vs. sprinkling in fear creating fear based timeline realities of what you don’t want.

Dissonance through unpreferred experience leads you right to the areas that need healing so you can rewire and rewrite your self love story.. to no longer project lack through situations, inner storylines, harmful beliefs and creation of others’ perceptions. Ultimately your own.

Think back to how you perceived the situation going. How were you responsible for how it played out? What did you think about it in relation to yourself before it played out? If a boundary is needed, create it lovingly. Then play again in the hologram knowing you have changed the dynamics with your mind.

When you truly know and can resonate with the reality that you are creating everything, it changes everything. You are the universe observing itself and so are your neighbors- converging the timeline, collapsing the wave into a particle to bring mind into matter. Be the change within you that you want to see, feel, touch, hear and taste in the outer.


The Holodeck is a fictional device from the television franchise Star Trek which uses “holograms” (projected light and electromagnetic energy which create the illusion of solid objects) to create a realistic 3D simulation of a real or imaginary setting, in which participants can freely interact with the environment as well as objects and characters, and sometimes a predefined narrative.

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