Know Without a Doubt: No Doubt

Know without a doubt- no doubt:
~You are loved unconditionally and divinely
~Past perceived mistakes and heartaches can always be forgiven and healed
~Shame and guilt are never worth the inner damage they produce
~You are a rare Diamond whose shine is changing this planet in ways you cannot conceive of
~Our creations are divinely orchestrated as they are gestating in the womb of divine love
~Not all is always as it seems to the daily personality
~The power of belief extends multidimensionally and throughout the multiverse
~The power of your intentional love, care and word impacts all in your field
~Not perfection, inner grace
~You are never alone and so so loved
~You are divinity flowing through every breath

From a divine child:
What is a heart plus a heart? A double heart!

Breath of life heart flow

Instagram Repost::
Image from Video: @amatista_conscienciaintuitiva

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