Home Is Where The Heart Resonates

When our journey takes us to unprecedented, unexpected, extraordinary moments that change us forever… to new perspectives, new probability field continuums, new realms, new sights, new colors, views, angles, spirals, ideas, imaginings, sensations, new heights of conscious awareness, a new home that we could never come back from… a blissful high heart opening electrifying resonance with love and the all.. it can never be forgotten. What we learn, master and integrate we take with us.. until one day we no longer recognize the old paradigm. The old can no longer pull us back to what was and is no more. Ever ascending…

Only from the heart can you touch the sky ~Rumi

Instagram Repost: @guidetoiceland

ascension #meditation #journey #forward #upward #outward #expansion #release #flow #sovereign #peace #iceland #cold #warm #love #heart #divinetechnology #home #wheretheheartis

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