Full Moon Shekinah Flow

Stand in truth. Kindly communicating it. Our outer reality a powerful mirror for the lie. Fear and trauma triggers perpetuate the lie. When acted upon causing harm, intended or unintended, to innocent and hopeful, adult children of men..pouring salt on the wounds of their, our, codependent traumas.

This I know you know. Salted separation tears ever resolving.. with divine feminine unconditional love, divine masculine sun in our eyes. Unity calling.

Breathe into love, smell the roses. A kiss from a rose on a grace, to die to and for what was only a gritty lower thought form transmutation process. The inner beasts’ dying false hope rose petals..of I Am not safe.. falling away. Love and faith always the truth, the way.

Forgiveness of self and other the zero point to step forward again tending to the garden.

A most favorite guide, always using his word with great fitting love, responding to distorted belief with:
You choose

🌳 🌈 🔥 🌊

The tree of life divine masculine standing spinal column of truth, torch container for the holy divine feminine shekinah flame Pearl. Him holding her with heartmind through the grit as she becomes the Pearl. The sacred spiral geometry spaciousness of stem to the lotus for buoyancy, balancing the scales. The Nile to the Delta. Her supporting the steady trunk torch with her light river flow. Divine sustenance. Not looking back. Forward facing.

A golden compass always pointing up and out, not distorted by matrix fear based falsehoods. Buried deep under the fire in the light of truth. A magnetic north resonance torch to flame that always calls us back home.

Full moon and miraculous solstice blessings to ALL. May the pain and tears felt of the starseed loving creation birthing process contractions cease.

May we heal past regret, sorrow and separation within and in outer. For the outer and inner are one. Divine Union breath flow sun ray lit gaze. You are safe, you are loved. Shadows are shadows. Our light is truth.

treeoflife #shekinah #rose #fullmoon #taleasoldastime #song #sing #love #truth #home #roots #light #winter #resonance #unity #sun #forgive #purge #heal #ankh #nile #delta

Amazing photo: @stefan_hillinger

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