Our Mission… To Love Each Other

We are here for each other.

We came to experience ourselves in each other. This beautiful gift of life.
To love ourselves through each other. Being love within and for all.

To have an experience of resonant knowing of other through laughter, sensation, connected teardrops as one teardrop, heart to heart rainbow bridging hug love flow, eye gazes into each others’ universe within.. divinely seeing each other.. Fully.. completely.. our divinity.

Our all knowing glimpse into this beautiful love story. That each and every one of us holds the divine presence of love, life and fortitude. That ALL are worthy of unconditional beautiful flowing love, great compassion and care.. as the Self and through the Self of I AM. That we walk each other home in our connections, our smiles, our eye gazes, our heart resonance, our sorrow and our joy. Seeing each other completely for who the other is… embodied divinity. The most beautiful gift of life. To have each other. To hold each other. Our mission… to love ourselves through each other.

Working through the same life lessons in different ways, times and degrees throughout our lifetimes. To realize grace, gratitude for all moments and who we are blessed with, peace within, unity with all as the all through all.

No matter what is happening may the magic of Christmas bring joy, blessings and surprises beyond your everyday imaginings. Flowing with each other through grace and divinity. Our daily personalities, contrast of light and dark to see the rainbow, our differences, our beautiful soul print gifts of creation that could’ve been just mundane same, instead truly magically wondrous and divine. All aspect potentialities that we all have in each other.

Our mission.. to love each other

Beautiful Self loving nature flow with ALL.. video credit: @iceland.explore Instagram Repost

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