Lyran Swan Song

The dam has broken. Flood gates open. A swan graciously carried away by the NaTuRal river current, entering through vesica veil holy of holies, uninhibited free flow crown waterfall light speed ocean drip ~ primordial cosmic sea of light~ alchemical healing transmutation cyclic completion transformation.

A year, a great year. Anew in light in love. Above and inner. Below and outer. Left right side ways over and under. Spinning vesica mirrors bending space time. One frame.

Free creation quantam waves loving WORD. Lyre light language broad casting through the All.

Cosmic multiverse infinite heart expansion open spinning universe macrocosm. Eternal flame conduit heart superneurohighway acceleration.. lightening love within.

To All.. that is was and ever will be. All of you and All of me. Cosmic consciousness evolving humanity.

Light years beyond what two eyes can see. Was carried away through and by time, intentionally. Pause, rewind, replay.. to day.. a cloudy colorful beautiful veil in the night’s sky. Her gift to you. For eye to see.

Flood gates open, removed, distortion free, nothing ever to lose. All imaginary. Beautiful dreamer dreaming within a dream. Cosmic creator of destiny.

Divine birthright abundant ultra charged joy and bliss for ALL to experience this.

A New Year, A New Day, A New Way
To Day
Cheers to 2022 and all of you ❤️💫

Instagram Repost 🙏❤️🎶💫: @madisoncalley

starseed #cosmos #swan #lyra #newyear #kaliyuga #dreamweaver #cosmicdancer #humanity #cosmicconsciousness #axiom #all #one #love

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