Back to ONE

A divine mother’s divine love for child, all of her children, embodied divinity holy trinity. 1 plus 1 equals 3. Sacred, pure, infinite and always. Outside of time. Nurturing, holding, beholding, beloving…the becoming. A divine love like no other.. for the ALL, for and through you and me.

Spinning Diamond octahedron, 1..2..3, seed of life center patterning * , her perfect fit. Loving wink of the left eye. Baby suckling right side nourishment. Inner child center eye, left right now back to one. Flower of life 7 to 1, on the 7th day of creation, New Year’s Genesis Countdown rewind. Back to the future. Oversoul symphony harmonics inside of time. 3..2… always comes back to 1

Breathe in this love. Feel it in your open receiving heart. Feel it’s grace embrace, it’s warmth and infinite serenity.. resonant uplifting harmonically converged wings and heart, natural gentle flow of source stream..Forevermore

Photo Credit Instagram: amatista_conscienciaintuitiva

divinemother #holytrinity #sacredgeometry #newyear #harmonics #wings #floweroflife #seedoflife #one #all #together #infinite #gratitude #compassion #lovingkindness #breathoflife #spiral #amazinggrace

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