For Us

So grateful for the luminescent plasma fountain of abundant love and prosperity flowing to all. These last few years brought some difficult moments to see and feel what was no longer serving and to heal it. Be so proud of the hard painful self care healing done within.

Open heart reception for all moments as divine. Grateful for divine time as we only ever receive what we are ready for and what is in alignment. Shedding the old to grow into the new.

Blessings upon blessings to ALL.

Enjoying the blissful feeling of starphire work’s view 🤗 for you and for me. For us..

Instagram Repost: @flowersoflord

grateful #journey #starphire #work #within #abundance #forall #love #care #grace #unconditional #divinetime #2222 #hearts #ascending #selflove #knowthyself #eyesee

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