Divine Inner Temple/Alchemical Healing Course Offering!

February 22, 2022.. 6 week online course at 7pm Eastern on Zoom

What you can expect from this course…

~make deep friendships with other group members that can be life changing and life lasting

~experience the energy of blissful divine love from within and in outer from a safe unconditional fun loving group experience

~learn ancient techniques passed down through the lineage of both the male and female Christ to balance inner divine masculine and divine feminine energies for alchemical healing within

~begin the greatest love affair of your life… one of self love that emanates to your outer reality for open heart reception of great love from others

~learn how the power of love assists in creating your reality and designing your greatest experiences as a divine architect

~learn techniques for judgement detox within to redesign the blueprint for radical self acceptance of self and greater empathy and understanding for other

~destress and reinvigorate your soul!

Click here for more information and to register: https://temples.houseoflife.com/courses/112/about

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