New Earth Landed

The higher frequencies are now emanating to all through the star gates above and below. Within the light body of all of humanity and Gaia. This will shift thought patterns to a more loving blissful experience and you will find you don’t need to travel down the old roads in the mind anymore that did not serve love.

Old stories of judgement from self and other no longer have bearing or credence as they fade and stop showing up. You will begin to notice that others are more loving and kind than ever before. Coming together in magical ways to form new systems.

Hugs will become a new norm and feel so good from everyone. You will feel all are like your brother/ sister divinely and you will be continually ecstatically surprised at the high states of bliss you experience in the heart area and within your entire field. Your deepest desires will begin to show up effortlessly.

Allow this heavenly state to energetically penetrate your being. Pure plasma love. Stay grounded, drink lots of water. Confusion will pass back to bliss quickly. Many came to bring this to you, you came to bring this to you and all, and it is now here. Drink in this fountain of bliss from your crown and open heart. Blessed be and thank you to the most amazing ground crew.

Believing now seeing..

~Divine Golden Light Ray (General Organa, Divine Mother 😉)

Instagram Repost: @edurnenaia

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