Galactic CRYSTalline Light Conscious Sense

A translucent light body does not create a shadow, as a shadow is only created through light coming into contact with dense matter that cannot be passed through.

When the shadow thought aspects are seen in the collective through/from self from an objective neutral perspective it does not cause harm. Dancing with shadow can inform great growth. Although, there comes a time in the ascension process where engaging with it no longer serves expansion. Watching it lovingly as it begins to fade with the sun directly overhead and within. 

No longer choosing to break ourselves, our dreams, others and circumstance with our mind. Instead lovingly building the dream.  The divine light sovereign high rise tower informer. No longer victim to falling tower moments. Up up and out beyond self imposed quarantine to the loving free creation dimensions of reality.   

From the eye of Christ conscious sense, from the galactic view, the divine loving observer no longer has to give credence or bearing to the shadow within and in outer, discerning it immediately as untruth.  An all knowing of thy self love path that culminates at the high glowing castle sword of crystalline light, no longer stuck in the dense stone. A sovereign pillar of lovelight permeating THROUGH all.  

The narcissistic prince at the ball who refuses to come to see if the slipper fits is the lie. The truth that the Queen is sovereign and her King is her inner divine masculine, who through her healing and alchemical process no longer scripts the inner/outer collective masculine as the authoritative judgmental warring God narcissist. 

The divine masculine now embodied on this planet, an all loving Diamond gem of gentle truth… she observes the sign posts of the shadow masculine disappearing within the outer. Her full knowing that the divine masculine rises within her from her inner alchemical process. 

No longer seeing the wicked stepmother and stepsisters for she is emanating the divine mother and divine feminine from within. 

Embracing self and other for their divinity and seeing the shadow as an aspect to no longer engage with. Stillness observation. As shadow loves to shadow play with others as we have seen for millenia. A one upper seesaw ride of unnecessary proportions. 

As the watchers watch shadow come in during the ascension process we eventually alchemize and no longer resonate with it being a player in the game of life. With fear too, it just goes away after working through it. Not even remembering what fears were there. Choosing life and not death thought form. 

An inner commitment, a sense of gratitude for sovereign discernment observation and mastery, with a joyful blissful smile for how far one has come on this journey. To know the inner battle is the outer battle. Bouncing back and forth erratically until it finds inner stillness.  It will. Trust the process. To then reflect out the inner stillness through others.  

Engage in the all knowing that your consciousness will transcend it and shift out of the old attached codependency on the shadow to sovereign resonance with love.  

It is a process, an alchemical one, trusting in divine time and knowing it is all divinely orchestrated for you to receive your true worth, your divine inheritance birth right of the divine matrix in the outer.. that is created and projected holographically from within.  

In peace and love to you all for your Self love journey alchemical process. 

YOU are the sunshine of my eye 🙏❤️☀️


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