Our Heart Our Name

My heart sings your name. It calls to me of me. The portal of the beloved. Your voice, mine. The becoming. Our heart, our name, our Ren. The tendril unified harmonic breath beat of the all, all as one rhythm. Our rhythm, Our name. I am. Om. All of the frequencies of this universal love, all our potentialities spiraling out to the most magnificent of them all, all of the natures of divinity, flowing through our name, our song. Our multidimensional awareness of, One timeline of love. One love. One name.

Singing from my heart, our heart, ever expanding it’s joyous fullness of this. As one throughout all waves of 12 strand actualization.. converged in of love. Out of time and in time. All paradox, all wisdom, all knowing.

Cosmic consciousness heart soaring through the octaves of realities and dimensions on the wings of grace, one heart ascensially could never forget. The magnificence of such a being. Our being. For this to all even be possible. Such a divine precious gift. So divinely supported we all are. One love. One name. It is. We are. I am.



hawk #beloved #onelove #oneheart #rythym #beat #flow #neverforget #ascension #octaves #multidimensional #christconsciousness #cosmicconsciousness #iam #newearth #within #one #ariya

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