Forming Creation

I now know that if I lost you me I would just recreate you me tomorrow. Over and over. We hold 5D to experience it. We hold unity to experience it. In thought, in action. We create and reprint new earth, you and me, and 5D every day, every moment. 

As a mother holds a child. All of her children. I hold love and I hold you. To now and to hold. Holding you infinitely in every now moment outer holographic projected frequency reality. Your imagination creation of me pulls me to you in that form and my creation of you pulls you to me in that form. Telepathic light speed spinning high hz Electromagnetism. Of utmost golden neuropathway integrity. 

Our unity. Master builders of divine love within emanating reality. Keeping the light on. All is mind. Heart light electric magnetic mind.  All is energy. All is malleable. 

3D mastery of material, 4D mastery of energy through mind, 5D mastery of love through all.  All is creative imagination creation. Fractals of the divine as the divine ~ made in the image. Limitless. 

The sovereign power free creator zone is when we see a thought that can turn the light of the sun within out, we then pick another, keeping the light on. No longer choosing the fall. Turning and keeping the light on for the collective. All beginning from thought. Followed by emotion. Then a timeline/frequency . Choose the highest timeline with the highest thought form of ecstatic joy liquid bliss. Of love frequency. 

Have patience and divine love neutrality for the collective consciousness authoritative outer judgmental human constructed God inner imprint outer screenplay that is healing. Have patience for the very old trauma response of narcissism that plays out in self and other. For they are both only fear of feeling unsafe in relationship. Leading to wanting to dominate, control or manipulate a situation to get to safety. Not divine love. Cured by heart love light language articulation. A safe inner relationship new reprint. Divine feminine holding the inner child to safety. All within all of us. Help yourself to feel safe. To feel heard. To feel love. Hear yourself. Feel love for yourself. Safety from within projecting outward. Loving others through a new self love frequency. 

All is shifting, beautifully magically, wondrously so! Seeing, holding and feeling this love everyday. Godspeed torch bearers! 

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🎶 Coldplay- The Scientist

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