Source Fractal Awareness

One image, one and many, a channeled message:

Ever present ever spinning emanation of I Am.. Fractal image of divine source consciousness create your Self into source’s greatest potentiality of you in all imagined aspects. Inward all knowing crystos intended light glow from within, of Source Self as all through you, as you, as one.

You embodying your DNA belief potential as cocreator with your DNA holographic operating system coding, as you believe it to be, your source fractal mind as the motherboard of it’s (DNA) God code holographic emanation of you. The code in all, it’s sound wave to form sacred geometric potential through the morphogenetic holographic presentation of you, of all, in the now. In every now. For your body, your relationships, your adventures.

Hold your idea of perfection and the all knowing that we reside in the perfection of this divinely brilliant created universe as all fractals of the original Divine codex, creating it and extending the love code pattern in every thought. Libraries upon libraries of divinely encoded information always accessible.

PURE DIVINITY .. innocent, unconditional heart smiling divine love source flows through and within all of us. Deep in our cellular memory. What we were created to experience, creation as creators made in the image, this awe heart expansive love.

Resurrect our divinity from within. Our true divinity. For all. No one left behind. All are us. All a fractal of us, as us, of source. All limbs on the symbolic fractal body of source creation. Ascension leaves no one behind. For reasons of past mistakes from trauma survival wiring, religion, dogma, sexual identity. No one. We are all ONE. In the dimension of unconditional love, oneness and neutrality reign. Embracing all lovingly as divine children. We ascend, evolve, transcend duality.

As always use your own discernment, take what resonates…

Blessings for a beautiful Spring Day and Resurrection 🧬 🌹


Image Credit: Unknown

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