Mindful Not So Work

When I would visit Buddhist Monasteries when I was younger one of the components of the retreats was mindful work. As I was cleaning over the weekend I felt myself starting to feel disgust, lack and not being grateful for the present moment. I noticed mindfully this dis-ease thought and I remembered the work in the monastery of shoveling snow, dusting the library etc…. I shifted into mindful focused pride joy for what I was doing while dancing to some music 🎶

At the Zendo after sitting in meditation and being completely clear in heart mind, with no judgement of anything and in complete presence, cleaning was blissfully joyful. Everything joyful. Our judgements take the sovereign power of joy away from us. Our inner child of gratitude and pure presence can see the joy in all moments. Our current present now reality of what is here, not somewhere out there, in the past or in the future.

As I would drive down the mountain back home I felt a oneness with all. Nothing could be wrong. All judgement removed. All was perfection and I became divine neutrality. With a meditation practice we can hold this joy throughout our days and through events and moments judgement would deem imperfect.

Spring cleaning our thought pathways. As within so the outer… 🌞 To a joyful day!

Image Credit Instagram: @lions.savena

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