Inner Garden

Good morning! On this beautiful Friday morning we can awaken our intentional practice of intentionality to be the sovereign creator of our realities through our divine all knowing that we are creators. Being mindful of our thought patterns and the frequencies they emanate in our bodies, in our outer reality and that we, when consciously aware and awake to what we are thinking and creating, can pick our thoughts on purpose. Can tend to our inner garden. If it doesn’t feel good create another thought. Spin it around for health, ease and peace. Inverting lower thought forms back to divine thought form. Choose to see the good and the right and the divine. Let the rest fall away into the lower dimensions. To a beautiful sovereign peaceful divine loving fun weekend. Be the light ☀️ Blessings to you all ❤️🕊

Artwork: @mikhaelaasheena on Instagram

bethelight #youchoose #neutrality #5d #now #mindful #conscious #awareness #sovereign #fun

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