Sometimes ALL I Think About Is You

Soul family, a kin, a precious miraculous gift. When felt in our field and as our field, an all knowing that something truly, magically, beautiful is occurring and always has been. A spark of eternal divine fire recognition. Like meeting like infinitely. Eternal resonance. No matter an obstacle, far and near.

Ancient recognition, immutable unity of all of us.
Albeit the muteable illusory outer materia circumstance, all potential hologram mind splatter outer canvas.

Soul family, a beautiful divine omnipresent etheric friendship throughout eternity that labels, myths and even these words distort.

The gift of life, we (I am) divine vessel all consciousness building, dreaming, loving, beaming divine heart flame creation.. fractal microcosmic energetic spiraling through and through, near and far, all within cosmic thought, for the highest and greatest of all. Universally before ~ now ~ after, moment to moment, unto the next. All of my love to all, beautiful solar soul family.

Instagram Repost: @beautifuldestinations
Music- Heat Waves ~ Glass Animals

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