Coming Together

An inner co-creation collaboration with highest aspects of Self. Parallel multidimensional cosmic node points. Consciousness connecting to beyond mastery present moment all knowing of the I am. Of the all.

Splicing oneself into billions, just as the ancient myths described, to see and know the personality potentialities of this grand holographic micro macro cosmic fractal design. To learn of and know thy self. To master one self.

Cosmic oversoul hawk eye center dot masculine feminine unification, crystos, as one, I am..emanation of self as zodiac of 12, fractaled further to human leaves, their seed, all holding in the physical design this divine creation code from our universal tree of life within.

As the all an all knowing from here that everything is within us, the galaxies, the stars, the planets, our selves. Cosmic consciousness transforming all from within.. to love, to equality, to crystalline heaven glow wonderment paradise. Bilocating, triplicating, infinite locations at once, holding our knowing within.. all right here as one. One love, one heartbeat, one tear drop, one dream. Our left foot stepping forward in synchronous unified sound vibration love intention. Daily personalities integrating togetherness, the veiled illusion, that we were ever apart.

Divine beloved devotional unconditional master dream weaver flowing through and as multi-galactic spinning torus heart. A divine love within of cosmic proportion. My wish for all to feel the energy of and know beyond doubt this all abiding devoted love.. cultivated from within, experienced in the outer.

🙏 in humble gratitude

Instagram Repost: @kammerankeola

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