Check Inner Mate

We are about to see the greatest rise of the divine feminine to the seat next to the rising divine masculine as they reign together again infinitely.. having healed past, future lower timelines and now through divine grace. Always now. Opening our hearts to a new balanced aligned outer reality from our open rainbow heart grace within. Highest and greatest divine love timeline.

All divinely orchestrated. The divine masculine collective energies supporting the ascension of the divine feminine collective energies and vice versa vesica. Not getting caught up in past perceived delusional matrix losses. Instead caught divinely in the net of love. The cosmic divine mother web of love holding us infinitely as we shift from perceived surviving to thriving collectively. As the children awaken and evolve.

The outer illusional chess game at check mate, divine inner mate. King and queen standing winged, crowned and new earth grounded with open lotus hearts, crowns and thrones. Observing the outer illusions as sign posts of huge momentous shifts necessary for amazing new heights! All is for a purpose.

Sometimes we need the sling shot pulled back to propel forward! Ever onward and upward. Flying oh so high. Blessings for our forward propulsion proclamation all knowing conviction inner cultivated catapult into new earth ALL!

👧 👦

Instagram Repost: @nature
From @lisahomsy

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