New Earth Friendship

Friendship, the most beautiful foundation for all love. A bond of mutual respect, affection and admiration. A warm tender mirror for the relationship with self. To fully see yourself through the eyes of another. What if all were your very best friend? What if you were your own very best friend? How might you interact differently? All is love. All is divine union reciprocity friendship when we ascend out of fear and lower thought form. Our true nature. Unveiled in it’s miraculous beauty. Divine nature of give and receive. Why the one created another. To experience self with limitless potentiality. To fully see the wholeness of divinity in self and other. Embodying and profoundly holding the worthiness of that love. Emanating it out in all cosmic conscious interactions with others. Near and far, telepathically and physically. Seeing them and them seeing you of namaste proportions. With limitless love and beautiful friendship in divinity’s flow. I adore you. ALL of you… we are ONE celebration emanation.


Instagram Repost: @angelaliggs

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