The Gates Are Open

When we alchemize all that is not love in lower thought form mind chatter, how we see ourselves and others (how others see us) we open and expand to the opening of receiving what is meant for us, without obstacles in the way. The obstacles are created by the mind telepathically with the outer energetic vibratory hologram consciousness interplay matrix.

All is mind, we are energy through which our consciousness informs reality. Evolved beyond Newtonian physics to multiverse superstring quantum leap. Cosmic conscious free flow love clearance open gate. The gates are open for all to feel and know the divine matrix.

Our holy desire manifests effortlessly through a pure divine vessel of love. Self love the open gate for all love to flow through a divinely self loved divine embodied frequency of love vessel. The gift we give ourselves in all thought, all imagination and dreamweaving.

Co-creating a pure love flow vessel for the collective consciousness of humanity. Divine birthright ascension of consciousness for all as all. As within so we see and flow the outer.

@sarahjaneperman Instagram Repost
A most beautiful divine love flowing inner outer dance…

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