Sacred Inner Relationship FLOW GLOW

Control is a conditioned manipulative response of shaming in order to feel safe by having illusory power over something, perceived to be outside of oneself reducing vital life force energy, when feeling powerless and in separation from divine source FLOW embodiment

Being a victim to the fallen consciousness of conditioned shame is a powerless response of allowing something, perceived to be outside of oneself reducing vital life force energy, through illusory power over convincing self that it is not worthy of divine love embodiment GLOW

In divine sovereignty sacred relationship there is no need to control and no need to ever feel shame.

Polarized collective consciousness cellular memory fallen paradigm separation of masculine and feminine toxic matrix engagements


To divine inner union for all
From hierarchy power over to circular sovereign power of love within
From control to FLOW
From shame to GLOW

In profound divine love devotion commitment the vulnerable depths, are too, safe for all

Full of CARE, amidst the inner lion’s roar. Unconditional divine love observance discernment for divinely orchestrated alchemization planetary healing processing. Honoring, reverent focused transformation in sacred cosmic holding space for starship rising. Infinitely conducive of unity liquified star flow galactic heart glow.

In divine sovereignty unity, it so truly is

Sacred Relationship 🙏

Be Loved Within
FLOW GLOW Beloveds

Divine Marriage
Mother Father Brother Sister Daughter Son Family Co-Worker Neighbor Team Community Nation Planet Solar System Galaxy Universe Multiverse

Instagram Repost @ig_ourshots thank you for sharing @emre_41 divinely orchestrated, sacred tears of divine love unity
🎶Billy Joel~ Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)

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