Divine Love Processing

It is so beautiful in sacred relationship when one, instead of judging, can tenderly observe dissonance they feel with another to now immediately see how one has that it them too. 

Divine love resonance a divine catalyst for observing with love the inner shifts to divine love embodiment. Divinely helping/assisting each other to transcend it to no longer repeat the loops of our labeling and naming. 

We are never alone and never have to be (another labeled loop affirmation of one must needing to do it alone) Lots of helpers giving ♾️ receiving. 

Our judgement trauma responses to others are our own subconscious (quite hidden when not awakened to self) greatest self judgements of ourSelves or as we are one. 

Grateful for these cosmic stargate trips to see it, feel it and know divine love processing vs trauma response processing. 

An undoubtedly infinite divine love gnosis relational celebration.  Expanded in the heartwing space so much further each time. Loving all through loving all of us unconditionally. 🙏 

Oh my heart. Oh my heart. 


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