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Unmanifest manifest
Dark matter light
Thought crystallization
Sine wave flow flight
Eb and flow
Nature’s spiraling glow
DNA micro macro spirals
Fibonaccci dragon style

Fractaled potentialities of creator’s thought provoking emanation
Divine interconnectedness contemplation

A most beautiful gift right before our eyes
Nothing ever really dies
Seen and unseen
Matter and mind
Sovereign ascension yellow brick road
Emerald heart city
Golden mean, golden inner light
For all eyes to now see
And unified resonant high hearts to feel

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Some beautiful wisdom that came from the Sacred Soul Net of Love retreat this weekend. Divine connections and new earth magical synchronicities never cease to amaze me. The exact words “don’t push the river” were found in two different texts explored by the group through Oracle deck readings and animal spirit guide communications by the campfire that led us to other texts. This beautiful serene river so symbolic of the free floaty feeling we have when we trust ourselves, trust our journey and love ourselves, even through the storms…as we flow through the river of life embraced by our net of divine love.

Feel into what ‘don’t push the river’ means for you today. Whether a river of tears, timing or change. What your soul is connecting to. These beautiful soul connections amplifying to you all and the cosmos. In divine love… Aho

A most beautiful flow Instagram Repost @johnderting

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Such a warm divine loving embrace below. Rest in the embrace of your inner divine feminine (men and women). Loving you, honoring your life and your divinity, it’s interconnection to all life everywhere, with the multiverse in beautiful harmony from within you. Feel the warmth and love of your feminine energies, the energies that birth creation and nurture, sustain and infinitely provide unconditional love. Do that for you. Do that for others. Sometimes you just need a hug, an embrace. If so create one today, an inner and outer embrace. The outer will respond. Love to you all. Make loving care in all you do. Whatever is going right or wrong can often be cured with a hug. Don’t forget to hold yourself with loving care.  Wings around you with a warm loving tender embrace…

Artist: Robert Pope and

Josephine Wall

Love is the greatest law of the universe and supersedes all others. We can Love and accept self and all others for where we are at right now. Knowing we were not less divine yesterday than we are tomorrow.

There are no wrong moments on the journey. Surrender to the greatness of who we are right now. Remarkably, beautifully, amazingly wonderful.

The great mystery carries us on the waves of love to all that is meant for us. If we are always standing on the sidelines of the shore waiting for that perfect wave or the wave to somehow be perfected it will never be now. They are all all ready stunning.

Appreciate what is here now. The only true moment is now. The day is always here and is always now shining brightly.

Hall of mirrors enlightening the way..

Heart beat breath pulsing one sweet day..


Beautiful heart resonant beat jellyfish swim~ Aquarium of The Pacific

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That which flows from I AM…

..made in the image eternal fractals of creation, creators

Not wheel of samsara karmic debt sinners, not swine, not sheep and certainly not banished from paradise.

I AM divine.. we are.. eternal divine flame

What is your I AM prophecy?

What are you creating, birthing, holding onto?

Rise out of the old and write the new.

The new book of creation.

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When we dare to take second and third chances we dare to look within ourselves. Our grit, determination to revisit why something didn’t go as planned. Where we were mind sabotaging, where we didn’t believe, where we didn’t feel worthy of, where we pushed too hard, where it was grainy and not smooth. Getting up and trying again is the holy desire to create and hold conviction in a dream. In a timeline of highest and greatest. Knowing all is for a reason, for a purpose, coinciding with readiness and divinity’s flow.

We are blessed to be able to have the conscious experience to try again. Each time more clear, more wise and more loving. Learning from our mistakes, but trusting that we had it in us all along. We just had to believe we did! Our knowing, our truth, our integrity, our dream, so beautiful.

To our dream of love in the outer and all of it’s miraculous form and formless. Seamless inner outer hugging rhythmic harmonic holographic dancing divine union flow.

So thankful for the power of love, belief and the breath of life to dream and create in this beautiful flow and it’s great mystery with all of you.

Video Unknown: credit if know below

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These magical moments in the outer never cease to amaze me, waking up in 5D this beautiful morning. As a meditation guide what comes through from our highest aspects is not thought from the mind of everyday thought alone. It comes from a higher dimensional frequency of spirit, love and interconnectedness with all, ascended and expanded beyond the illusion of time. When open to receive with clear, pure, divine vessel heart mind the most beautiful creations and dream weaving comes through.

I found mySelf divinely guiding souls recently to a golden orb in their dreamscape. The orb was in the body of water that they created. At the time I kept seeing that the gift inside the golden orb, for the soul experiencing it, was something that needed to stay in the water. Not forever, but for now. The gift in the dream was being purified by divinity, the waters of creation. An inner symbolism of how we are holding it in our hearts.

Go within, create your dreamscape in a meditative state and see what gift is in the golden orb for you. Your holy desire, you’re greatest wish, your greatest dream. Hold it with all of your heart in the inner, feeling it’s joy, for it to unfold in the outer. As you and it are cleansed and purified for divine time outer reception.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my dear friends and family! Our divine feminine nurturing ~ loving ~ receptive ~ caring nature so beautiful to this divine creation!

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Soul family, a kin, a precious miraculous gift. When felt in our field and as our field, an all knowing that something truly, magically, beautiful is occurring and always has been. A spark of eternal divine fire recognition. Like meeting like infinitely. Eternal resonance. No matter an obstacle, far and near.

Ancient recognition, immutable unity of all of us.
Albeit the muteable illusory outer materia circumstance, all potential hologram mind splatter outer canvas.

Soul family, a beautiful divine omnipresent etheric friendship throughout eternity that labels, myths and even these words distort.

The gift of life, we (I am) divine vessel all consciousness building, dreaming, loving, beaming divine heart flame creation.. fractal microcosmic energetic spiraling through and through, near and far, all within cosmic thought, for the highest and greatest of all. Universally before ~ now ~ after, moment to moment, unto the next. All of my love to all, beautiful solar soul family.

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Music- Heat Waves ~ Glass Animals

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There is a dimension of reality where fear is a faded, barely there, memory; where the divisive noise of fear media is just a speck of dust on the windowsill; where the gentle swelling tide liquified heart bliss divine union heart resonance can no longer connect to mental separation from the outer.

It’s a space and place where chaos can be seen but is no longer viewed as bad or wrong. A process of nature, a cyclic, evolutionary paradigm. Designed to bring greater order. Evolution.

As humans we feel. We cry. We laugh. We soar into to feel, to sense, to love, to admire. As we remove admonishment and harbor in stillness within, regardless of outer circumstance, we allow natural flow. The natural current. Inner gracious bliss allowance of what comes to come and what goes to go. Divinely so..

To infinite harmony with divine nature. A resonance of the heart. A radical acceptance of the mind in all it’s form. Unconditional love. A surrender to neutrality.

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