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Healing and Ascending Through Love...

Artist: Katia Honour

Breathe In Love
Breathe In Love
Do It Again
And Again
And Again
Until Every Harmonic Breath is Forever Filled With Nature’s Resonant Songdance of Love

The Universal Language and Intention of the ALL… Love

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Conspiracy or no conspiracy is still an exercise in duality. We can’t create the new if we constantly focus into what is wrong. ConspiraSIZING things up.

We absolutely needed to move into this realm collectively on our path to see it, to then work through it and now move out of it. Ascending up through the 4D realm.

Looking for the bad constantly is a trauma response in judgement and fear. “If it doesn’t bleed it isn’t newsworthy.” Seeing the world as wrong, bad, traumatic, divide and conquer, they are out to get us and not working for us, perpetuates this shadow. It’s the old warring fear narrative. It is the same old script we have within on why relating doesn’t go well. All is relationship.

Chem trails, pesticides, GMO, oligarchy, CO2 emissions, suppression of technology, science and history. That is all now his-story too. We can now rise above it all. The patriarchy is no more. The wounded masculine has healed and is now standing alongside the divine feminine. Everyone is awakening and healing.

Go into meditation, into calm. Paint it how we want it in 5D love resonance for it to ground in 3D material formation. Imagination the key.

Peaceful loving society has to become our inner truth.

Love into everything for 5th dimensional new earth resonance and that is what we will experience. Enlightenment through one conscious breath and one conscious step, believing it to be so. Beautiful days, moments, new systems, new news. See all systems, leaders and outer situations moving into the most loving highest aspect. The one you want and are now lucidly dreaming of. Divine love orchestration.. hello and thank you, you. It’s how we move through this.

When two or more gather in a belief, it can create a domino 100th monkey effect. Be mindful whose narrative you are creating. Make one of peace, joy, love, freedom, community.

Let’s ALL come together in our hopes and dreams for humanity and clean it ALL up from within. I AM free, you are.

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So many memories of bliss and pain, laughter and joy, tears and fears and smiling stillness..looking back at it all.

Through the cold of the night, blacks and so many moonlit blues dissolved the beauty of what was, to transform into the beauty of what will be, what now is.

Old habits, revolving doors, dark tunnel vision, holding us down from being our next most amazing selves. Exhausting shedding of the old, wanting to crawl out of our skin, because we were. The old skin no longer resonating, irritability conformation attempts trying to connect with it again. The only choice to release the old, powerful transformative evolutionary catapult. The powers of change making us so uncomfortable. Leaving the old foundational shedded brick wall, that was once around the heart. Dismantled brick by brick, old imprisoned false constructs.

Creative flow anew within the wispy winds of the desires carried by the high heart. Star seed in the wind.. ejected old root and stem known for so so long, false assumption that the ok’d way was all there was.. not able to fully see from the old garden how it was only a season. Yet an inner underlying gnosis remembrance.. of this incredible journey to a new sacred garden. With new roots, new stems, new petals, a new sun, a new day, beautiful love creation from within.

As we transform ourselves, relationships and the collective we can hold the mindful wisdom that it is all for the better, even through the shedding, birthing pains and contractions leading to our expansive bright new day. This new iridescent magnified sensory experience. Beyond what we can imagine from the old programs, old habits and old stories.

Old rusty keys that no longer work or fit. Replacing the keys as we always can. Golden sunny key fitting perfectly into the black dark expanse, of pure oneness, of all knowing, uninhibited wholeness within turning and opening new doors, new in sight.

Doors that were there, veiled by a heavy heart and the illusion that we didn’t always have the keys. Those of love, compassion, sovereignty.

Walking the way forward allowing the path to appear naturally, carried by nature’s currents of divinity, with new eyes, new enlightened clarity vision creation flow, within and so the outer. 

We are through.. and through, with you and without you, within me

Instagram Repost photo @cloudcomm

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We can only heal shadow play through lovelight play. Don’t give up on each other. If it is in you it is in me too. If it is in you I must have created it to be in you to show me where it is in me. Our outer reality informing us of our greatest shadow aspects. The beauty that it shows us our loving aspects too.

There is no love more pure than divine love. Free from distortion. Once we embody divine love we can then project divine love into the divine matrix for a divine love existence.

Each lifetime we get closer and closer to this golden age as we heal our shadow programming from toxic societal imprinting. We do the work to consciously release patterns, thoughts, ideas about others and self that are not love. We can all shine releasing ego manipulation, jealousy, fear, envy, greedy false power forceful ego constructs. Empowering self and other to shine lighting up the whole planet with love.

Through great forgiveness of we, as we are one. Releasing attachment to distorted programmed ways of interrelating. Agreed upon toxic norms. Those dependent on others for self worth, for security, for validation, an outside enemy to feel good and righteous.

Standing now in our sovereign loving pure nature.. not co-dependent, yet not fiercely independent. Balanced, grounded and a pillar lighthouse healed and able to come together. Divine love resonant lighthouse unity.. co-creative imaginative magical flow uniting a peaceful loving society. Having created the divine inner temple within and now so without.

Welcome to the realization of 5th dimensional golden age consciousness awareness. The divine matrix.

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These bodies
Our soul
Our existence
So precious
So miraculous
To be here
Heart beating
Experiencing creation
From infinite perspectives
Infinite possibilities
Infinite love
Such a precious gift
The gift of life
Breathe it in
Feel your life flowing though your lungs
Your heart
Your awareness of being alive
This beautiful planet
Birthed from the cosmos
Through the portal of the great mother
Mother Earth
Our mothers
Our fathers
Our sisters and brothers
Our ancestors
Our grandchildren’s grandchildren
Feel the beauty in that
The awe and the wonder of it
The animals
The mountains
The trees
The rivers
The ocean
Of breathing life

Instagram Repost: @auroraborealisobservatory

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The time has come
The pot needs no more stirring
Heated and cooled to perfection
Free flowing
No where else to go
At the eleventh hour
In the nick of all time
Yet, not of this time
The first time
Ancient rhyme
Ancient lands ancient friends
Together again
Traversing the vortical octaves
Golden river staircase
Multidimensional paradoxical hopping
Right the left
Front the back
Above the below
Within the outer
Turned inside out
Torsion vesica flow
Separate, yet one
In and back out
Out and back in
Knowing the way
Just like yesterday
Turn the page
Have your own number
It’s your turn to dance
Know more slumber
Win Win for ALL

Image credit Instagram Repost Snapshot: @discoverearth
Music: Young The Giant- Mind Over Matter (Reprise)

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Sweet Sun Day

Sun in my heart..

How I fall in love with you each morning rising anew..

The beautiful dawn here to stay each and every day..

Soft waves of infinite heart tender bliss adrift..

Sun shining one on the moon of my high heart for the journeys of the night..

Soaring through the starlit realms of light and dark, sun moon showers cosmically within..

Always here in the stillness, divinely listening, supporting, assisting and ever loving..

Waking again to the crystalline morning rays singing multidimensional fractal torsion expansion, ever rising, ever light filled harmonious grace..

My gratitude knows no end..

gratitude #sun #trust #flow #waves #ocean #breath #runnethover #surrender #peace #rising #supportive #stillness

If all we strive for today is to be lovingkindness then we have accomplished a wonderful mindful feat.

Photo credit: Instagram~ @papa_scene

lovingkindness #mindfulness #peace #love

Who told you you weren’t good enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, equal enough, capable enough, strong enough, divine enough? Causing you to then believe it and live from the subconscious autopilot program. Who was it? Or they?

First forgive yourself for believing it and forgive them for just repeating ancestral toxic paradigms. If they knew better they would have done better.

Ultimately, they were wrong. You are AMAZING. You are the divine spark of God consciousness walking the earth plane. You aren’t your body or your trauma or mistakes. You are a divine creator. There are no mistakes. Just experiential situations to see what feels right and doesn’t to make a different choice next time, as a divine creator.

Rescript what you internalized in traumatic relationships. We have all had them. Try to identify where the inner judge and critic started from. Forgiving and healing ancestral lines from this present now moment to stop the warring cycles from repeating in future generations. To go back and hold yourself with such deep profound love in those traumatic moments so that they no longer have a strong hold ball and chain around your ability to walk forward in joy. Sovereign and healed. Release the chains that bind you to begin adventurous loving exploration in your mindful, thriving, beautiful heartmind garden galactic multiverse.

This work is so powerful and will shift the whole earth plane when we all commit to it. Heal thyself. To thine own self be healed. Love yourself.. through everything! Past, present and future. Eternal love flame.

Modified Photo Credit: Jeremy Bezanger ~Unsplash

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