The Gates Are Open

When we alchemize all that is not love in lower thought form mind chatter, how we see ourselves and others (how others see us) we open and expand to the opening of receiving what is meant for us, without obstacles in the way. The obstacles are created by the mind telepathically with the outer energeticContinue reading “The Gates Are Open”

New Earth Friendship

Friendship, the most beautiful foundation for all love. A bond of mutual respect, affection and admiration. A warm tender mirror for the relationship with self. To fully see yourself through the eyes of another. What if all were your very best friend? What if you were your own very best friend? How might you interactContinue reading “New Earth Friendship”

Yellow Brick Road

Unmanifest manifestDark matter lightThought crystallizationSine wave flow flightEb and flowNature’s spiraling glowDNA micro macro spiralsFibonaccci dragon style Fractaled potentialities of creator’s thought provoking emanationDivine interconnectedness contemplation A most beautiful gift right before our eyesNothing ever really diesSeen and unseenMatter and mindSovereign ascension yellow brick roadEmerald heart cityGolden mean, golden inner lightFor all eyes to nowContinue reading “Yellow Brick Road”

Don’t Push The River

Some beautiful wisdom that came from the Sacred Soul Net of Love retreat this weekend. Divine connections and new earth magical synchronicities never cease to amaze me. The exact words “don’t push the river” were found in two different texts explored by the group through Oracle deck readings and animal spirit guide communications by theContinue reading “Don’t Push The River”

Divine Feminine Embrace

Such a warm divine loving embrace below. Rest in the embrace of your inner divine feminine (men and women). Loving you, honoring your life and your divinity, it’s interconnection to all life everywhere, with the multiverse in beautiful harmony from within you. Feel the warmth and love of your feminine energies, the energies that birthContinue reading “Divine Feminine Embrace”

Law of Love

Love is the greatest law of the universe and supersedes all others. We can Love and accept self and all others for where we are at right now. Knowing we were not less divine yesterday than we are tomorrow. There are no wrong moments on the journey. Surrender to the greatness of who we areContinue reading “Law of Love”

Spiral of Love

Tag, you’re it… Inner child play, spiral the leader, into the warm rainbow pools of blissful light love radiant awe.. Children have a beautiful way of playing together uninhibited, free flow fun and light hearted joy. Full of laughs, sweet giggles and present moment attentiveness. Magically creative and inspiring ideas, imaginings and doings. To ourContinue reading “Spiral of Love”

Happy Buddha

Our mindfully chosen loving inner pathways of peace.. as within so outer 🧘‍♀️


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