Holographic Reality

*Higher Dimensional Consciousness… Enlightened Reality Through Self Love When you see something you have created that brings dissonance to you: Remember you are in a hologram creating your outer reality. Take full responsibility, hit reset and paint, script and create the way you want it, having removed sabotaging thought patterns. Your outer reality will alwaysContinue reading “Holographic Reality”


Mind through Matter  Matter through Mind Wave and Particle Dark and Light Yin and Yang Red and Blue Left and Right Ocean and Land Sky and Ground Tree and Roots Fire and Water Night and Day Black Hole and White Hole Inner and Outer Torus Field Flutter Him and Her Beauty and Beast Orpheus andContinue reading “Reconciliation”

Nature’s Divine Songdance

Artist: Katia Honour Breathe In LoveBreathe In LoveDo It AgainAnd AgainAnd AgainUntil Every Harmonic Breath is Forever Filled With Nature’s Resonant Songdance of Love The Universal Language and Intention of the ALL… Love breathe #love #resonance

Becoming The Mother Board

Our outer reality is a screenplay in a beautiful dance with our subconscious mind. The hidden part of the iceberg, not always easily seen, projects outward to the surface level through interactions with other ships, animals coming in, weather and ocean currents/frequencies. We can flow with our outer reality to inform us of what isContinue reading “Becoming The Mother Board”

New Earth Is Here

Conspiracy or no conspiracy is still an exercise in duality. We can’t create the new if we constantly focus into what is wrong. ConspiraSIZING things up. We absolutely needed to move into this realm collectively on our path to see it, to then work through it and now move out of it. Ascending up throughContinue reading “New Earth Is Here”

Divine Creation

We don’t have to throw up our defenses and engage with and feed the matrix games of separation, division and hatred that come into our daydream. Being triggered and responding so will keep the repeating victimhood whoa is me karmic cycle loop continuing over and over. What truly truly triggered you? Go deeper. Not justContinue reading “Divine Creation”

Ascension Remembrance

So many memories of bliss and pain, laughter and joy, tears and fears and smiling stillness..looking back at it all. Through the cold of the night, blacks and so many moonlit blues dissolved the beauty of what was, to transform into the beauty of what will be, what now is. Old habits, revolving doors, darkContinue reading “Ascension Remembrance”


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