Precious Gift

These bodiesOur soulOur existenceSo preciousSo miraculousTo be hereBreathingSmilingHeart beatingLovingExperiencing creationFrom infinite perspectivesInfinite possibilitiesInfinite loveHumannessHumanitySuch a precious giftThe gift of lifeBreathe it inFeel your life flowing though your lungsYour heartYour awareness of being aliveThis beautiful planetBirthed from the cosmosThrough the portal of the great motherMother EarthOur mothersOur fathersOur sisters and brothersOur ancestorsOur grandchildren’s grandchildrenFeel the beautyContinue reading “Precious Gift”

Making Home

The time has comeThe pot needs no more stirringHeated and cooled to perfectionFree flowingNo where else to goAt the eleventh hourIn the nick of all timeYet, not of this timeThe first timeAncient rhymeAncient lands ancient friendsTogether againTraversing the vortical octavesGolden river staircaseMultidimensional paradoxical hoppingRight the leftFront the backAbove the belowWithin the outerTurned inside outTorsion vesicaContinue reading “Making Home”

Sweet Sun Day

☀️ Sweet Sun Day Sun in my heart.. How I fall in love with you each morning rising anew.. The beautiful dawn here to stay each and every day.. Soft waves of infinite heart tender bliss adrift.. Sun shining one on the moon of my high heart for the journeys of the night.. Soaring throughContinue reading “Sweet Sun Day”


If all we strive for today is to be lovingkindness then we have accomplished a wonderful mindful feat. Photo credit: Instagram~ @papa_scene lovingkindness #mindfulness #peace #love

Temple Building

Who told you you weren’t good enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, equal enough, capable enough, strong enough, divine enough? Causing you to then believe it and live from the subconscious autopilot program. Who was it? Or they? First forgive yourself for believing it and forgive them for just repeating ancestral toxic paradigms. If they knewContinue reading “Temple Building”

Be You!

Light the fire of your soul essence within you! The only thing that stands between us and thriving is fear. Fear of not being enough, fear of being too much, fear of not being worthy of abundance, fear of being rejected or abandoned should we step into our authenticity and inner truth completely. Fear ofContinue reading “Be You!”

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