Law of Love

Love is the greatest law of the universe and supersedes all others. We can Love and accept self and all others for where we are at right now. Knowing we were not less divine yesterday than we are tomorrow. There are no wrong moments on the journey. Surrender to the greatness of who we areContinue reading “Law of Love”

Spiral of Love

Tag, you’re it… Inner child play, spiral the leader, into the warm rainbow pools of blissful light love radiant awe.. Children have a beautiful way of playing together uninhibited, free flow fun and light hearted joy. Full of laughs, sweet giggles and present moment attentiveness. Magically creative and inspiring ideas, imaginings and doings. To ourContinue reading “Spiral of Love”

Happy Buddha

Our mindfully chosen loving inner pathways of peace.. as within so outer 🧘‍♀️

Check Inner Mate

We are about to see the greatest rise of the divine feminine to the seat next to the rising divine masculine as they reign together again infinitely.. having healed past, future lower timelines and now through divine grace. Always now. Opening our hearts to a new balanced aligned outer reality from our open rainbow heartContinue reading “Check Inner Mate”

Dance With Me

♾ I AMDancing with me…Flowing with me.. All of me, us, our divinity, I AM Inner Divine Masculine pathways so beautifully aglow. Supportive, honoring, guiding reciprocity. Gentle, faithful, devotional trustworthiness of self and other… as one unified outer field from within. He loves her so. Outer waters reflecting inner union, so NaTuRally. Inner Divine FeminineContinue reading “Dance With Me”

I Am Divinity, We Are

That which flows from I AM… ..made in the image eternal fractals of creation, creators Not wheel of samsara karmic debt sinners, not swine, not sheep and certainly not banished from paradise. I AM divine.. we are.. eternal divine flame What is your I AM prophecy? What are you creating, birthing, holding onto? Rise outContinue reading “I Am Divinity, We Are”

Coming Together

An inner co-creation collaboration with highest aspects of Self. Parallel multidimensional cosmic node points. Consciousness connecting to beyond mastery present moment all knowing of the I am. Of the all. Splicing oneself into billions, just as the ancient myths described, to see and know the personality potentialities of this grand holographic micro macro cosmic fractalContinue reading “Coming Together”


When we dare to take second and third chances we dare to look within ourselves. Our grit, determination to revisit why something didn’t go as planned. Where we were mind sabotaging, where we didn’t believe, where we didn’t feel worthy of, where we pushed too hard, where it was grainy and not smooth. Getting upContinue reading “Reforming”

Waking Up In 5D

These magical moments in the outer never cease to amaze me, waking up in 5D this beautiful morning. As a meditation guide what comes through from our highest aspects is not thought from the mind of everyday thought alone. It comes from a higher dimensional frequency of spirit, love and interconnectedness with all, ascended andContinue reading “Waking Up In 5D”


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