Waking Up In 5D

These magical moments in the outer never cease to amaze me, waking up in 5D this beautiful morning. As a meditation guide what comes through from our highest aspects is not thought from the mind of everyday thought alone. It comes from a higher dimensional frequency of spirit, love and interconnectedness with all, ascended andContinue reading “Waking Up In 5D”

Inner Garden

Good morning! On this beautiful Friday morning we can awaken our intentional practice of intentionality to be the sovereign creator of our realities through our divine all knowing that we are creators. Being mindful of our thought patterns and the frequencies they emanate in our bodies, in our outer reality and that we, when consciouslyContinue reading “Inner Garden”

Mindful Not So Work

When I would visit Buddhist Monasteries when I was younger one of the components of the retreats was mindful work. As I was cleaning over the weekend I felt myself starting to feel disgust, lack and not being grateful for the present moment. I noticed mindfully this dis-ease thought and I remembered the work inContinue reading “Mindful Not So Work”

Source Fractal Awareness

One image, one and many, a channeled message: Ever present ever spinning emanation of I Am.. Fractal image of divine source consciousness create your Self into source’s greatest potentiality of you in all imagined aspects. Inward all knowing crystos intended light glow from within, of Source Self as all through you, as you, as one.Continue reading “Source Fractal Awareness”

Divinely So..

There is a dimension of reality where fear is a faded, barely there, memory; where the divisive noise of fear media is just a speck of dust on the windowsill; where the gentle swelling tide liquified heart bliss divine union heart resonance can no longer connect to mental separation from the outer. It’s a spaceContinue reading “Divinely So..”

Higher Love Reality

Ascension occurs within and transforms the outer through resonant harmony with higher frequencies within. Thought forms hold specific frequencies. When chosen create timelines of reality and frequencies within. Opening the heart, rising within through meditation, presence, neutral observance of thought.. and love shifts us energetically. Over time holding higher states of consciousness. Higher love thoughtContinue reading “Higher Love Reality”

Forming Creation

I now know that if I lost you me I would just recreate you me tomorrow. Over and over. We hold 5D to experience it. We hold unity to experience it. In thought, in action. We create and reprint new earth, you and me, and 5D every day, every moment.  As a mother holds aContinue reading “Forming Creation”

Like Equals Like

♾Shadow and light no matter.Hold the vibrational frequency of the actuality of your heart’s desire.Holographic vibrating strings of potentiality.Reprinting space time moment to moment.Matching the sparkling emanation of you.The perfect match. The perfect spark. Of divine creation creator field.Timeline convergence electromagnetism of like to like.How I like.. Instagram Repost @natureMusic: James Young ~ Infinity ♾Continue reading “Like Equals Like”


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