Somewhere In Here Over The Rainbow Bridge Blue Birds Fly

Somewhere in here, over standing the rainbow bridge, blue birds fly There was a land that I dreamed of out thereEach and every day and every nightLike a sweet lullaby that would ONE day take flight Here the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true ONE day I wished upon a moonSomewhereContinue reading “Somewhere In Here Over The Rainbow Bridge Blue Birds Fly”

Ancient New Shadow Work

Shadow work is an ancient knowledge that brings the subconscious of the individual and the unconscious of the collective consciousness to light. Most specifically how the unconscious of the collective and the paradigms and scripts impact our reality and repression of free creation. We see our shadow play outside of us most often in outerContinue reading “Ancient New Shadow Work”

Sacred Inner Relationship FLOW GLOW

Control is a conditioned manipulative response of shaming in order to feel safe by having illusory power over something, perceived to be outside of oneself reducing vital life force energy, when feeling powerless and in separation from divine source FLOW embodiment Being a victim to the fallen consciousness of conditioned shame is a powerless responseContinue reading “Sacred Inner Relationship FLOW GLOW”

Yellow Brick Road

Unmanifest manifestDark matter lightThought crystallizationSine wave flow flightEb and flowNature’s spiraling glowDNA micro macro spiralsFibonaccci dragon style Fractaled potentialities of creator’s thought provoking emanationDivine interconnectedness contemplation A most beautiful gift right before our eyesNothing ever really diesSeen and unseenMatter and mindSovereign ascension yellow brick roadEmerald heart cityGolden mean, golden inner lightFor all eyes to nowContinue reading “Yellow Brick Road”