Journey Within To Christ Consciousness

When we see discord and conflict in the outer reality/ our separation from full divine union with the outer is a good time to see where we are divisive, where we have conflict and where we are explosive within our self talk, our thoughts of others and our interactions with others.  What if whenContinue reading “Journey Within To Christ Consciousness”

Surrender to Divinity

A message from The God/Goddess Higher Self to the inner child…(a Most Sacred Unconditional Loving Divine Relationship ofDivine Masculine/Divine Feminine blossomed inner flame unity) When are you going to stop fighting yourself and me and trust me to let me in? To be the light lighting your light ever expansively. To guide, support and holdContinue reading “Surrender to Divinity”

Galactic CRYSTalline Light Conscious Sense

A translucent light body does not create a shadow, as a shadow is only created through light coming into contact with dense matter that cannot be passed through. When the shadow thought aspects are seen in the collective through/from self from an objective neutral perspective it does not cause harm. Dancing with shadow can informContinue reading “Galactic CRYSTalline Light Conscious Sense”

The Wholly Cross

Parallel lining coming together. A new intersection of 3 6 9 proportion, yet ancient. Inverting back the true meaning of the cross. The cross intersection of love. The true divine blueprint..heart centered creatrix electromagnetic divinely spinning net of love.  At the heart, all roads, a thousand roads lead to rose blossomed unified heart center field.Continue reading “The Wholly Cross”

Divine Inner Temple/Alchemical Healing Course Offering!

February 22, 2022.. 6 week online course at 7pm Eastern on Zoom What you can expect from this course… ~make deep friendships with other group members that can be life changing and life lasting ~experience the energy of blissful divine love from within and in outer from a safe unconditional fun loving group experience ~learnContinue reading “Divine Inner Temple/Alchemical Healing Course Offering!”