Coming Together

An inner co-creation collaboration with highest aspects of Self. Parallel multidimensional cosmic node points. Consciousness connecting to beyond mastery present moment all knowing of the I am. Of the all. Splicing oneself into billions, just as the ancient myths described, to see and know the personality potentialities of this grand holographic micro macro cosmic fractalContinue reading “Coming Together”

Sometimes ALL I Think About Is You

Soul family, a kin, a precious miraculous gift. When felt in our field and as our field, an all knowing that something truly, magically, beautiful is occurring and always has been. A spark of eternal divine fire recognition. Like meeting like infinitely. Eternal resonance. No matter an obstacle, far and near. Ancient recognition, immutable unityContinue reading “Sometimes ALL I Think About Is You”

Source Fractal Awareness

One image, one and many, a channeled message: Ever present ever spinning emanation of I Am.. Fractal image of divine source consciousness create your Self into source’s greatest potentiality of you in all imagined aspects. Inward all knowing crystos intended light glow from within, of Source Self as all through you, as you, as one.Continue reading “Source Fractal Awareness”