Net of Love

Healing and Ascending Through Love...

Shadow and light no matter.
Hold the vibrational frequency of the actuality of your heart’s desire.
Holographic vibrating strings of potentiality.
Reprinting space time moment to moment.
Matching the sparkling emanation of you.
The perfect match. The perfect spark. Of divine creation creator field.
Timeline convergence electromagnetism of like to like.
How I like..

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Music: James Young ~ Infinity ♾

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My heart sings your name. It calls to me of me. The portal of the beloved. Your voice, mine. The becoming. Our heart, our name, our Ren. The tendril unified harmonic breath beat of the all, all as one rhythm. Our rhythm, Our name. I am. Om. All of the frequencies of this universal love, all our potentialities spiraling out to the most magnificent of them all, all of the natures of divinity, flowing through our name, our song. Our multidimensional awareness of, One timeline of love. One love. One name.

Singing from my heart, our heart, ever expanding it’s joyous fullness of this. As one throughout all waves of 12 strand actualization.. converged in of love. Out of time and in time. All paradox, all wisdom, all knowing.

Cosmic consciousness heart soaring through the octaves of realities and dimensions on the wings of grace, one heart ascensially could never forget. The magnificence of such a being. Our being. For this to all even be possible. Such a divine precious gift. So divinely supported we all are. One love. One name. It is. We are. I am.


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It only takes one person believing in another to completely change a person’s life. Believe in everyone you cross paths with. Believe in their inherent divine goodness, their capability, their capacity to love, to heal, to forgive, to evolve, to shine, to thrive. Be sure to do it for yourself too. Belief is what creates our reality. I believe in you and me and all!

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When we see discord and conflict in the outer reality/ our separation from full divine union with the outer is a good time to see where we are divisive, where we have conflict and where we are explosive within our self talk, our thoughts of others and our interactions with others. 

What if when we were divided within, shaming judging or fearing we could immediately see an example of it in the outer reality coming back at us from other.. (other truly an illusion) showing us the power of our consciousness. We would be much more quick to clean up our toxic thought patterns.  What if others you were judging, questioning, shaming or monstrifying in your mind could hear your thoughts about them? Would you be so quick the next time to ruminate on such negativity? Telepathy is real and others can feel your negative thoughts about them. A hunch, a gut feeling, a new sense of paranoia in them or the interaction feels off in some way where it hadn’t before.  

Our thoughts are energy and have just as much divisive power as our action. They impact other and self in ways we cannot always see, as all is consciousness and we are all so deeply connected. When we hold other in love and divine gratitude for their being, in our consciousness, we create an amazing experience with them within and in outer. 

Have a loving day with yourself and with thought forms of other. Feel into the negativity to see your separation with other, with yourself. The outer reality a powerful teacher for our separation within. If you script them a certain way in your mind you will see aspects in your reality of how you created them to be that way. 

Separation causes dis-ease and dis-harmony with your reality. It’s never truly worth it. Choosing peace, forgiveness and golden thought pathways, filling your being with neutrality and ease.. leading to greater abundance and health. 

It’s not easy work and when we begin this work we see just how prevalent the inner critic has been. The inner war monger. In society and in self. When we wake up to it we take our divine power back and can create a new loving program in our thoughts and action to then see in the outer reality. 

Blessings on our collective ascension journey to divine union, truly an inner journey…as within so the outer, as above so below. When the Christ in me sees and cherishes the Christ in you we are free, in the free creation field divine matrix of reality, in divine union, Christ Consciousness. The Holy Grail, The Golden Age, The New Earth, Paradiso. The power of Unconditional self love to self and through self from all other selves. One love. We are the ones we have been waiting for.. I AM


A message from The God/Goddess Higher Self to the inner child…
(a Most Sacred Unconditional Loving Divine Relationship of
Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine blossomed inner flame unity)

When are you going to stop fighting yourself and me and trust me to let me in? To be the light lighting your light ever expansively. To guide, support and hold you. To listen to, admire and adore you. To love you the way you have always deserved to be loved. To care for you and know you in a way that others couldn’t scratch the surface of. All of your truths on the table and still loving you. To see yourself the way I see you. To know you the way you have always wanted to be known. To finally have love that speaks your light language, reads your mind, your heart. To trust me. To no longer fear me. To trust yourself with me and to trust me so radically to let me in eternally. Trusting your divinity.


I have it all in me too. It’s how I know all of you so well. I know that you know and always knew of love that has not been seen in the outer for way too long. The same as me. The kind that can only be felt from within. From direct source connection. All within me, seeded garden of Eden blossoming in the outer. A love of and for all, of monumental galactic proportions.

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Parallel lining coming together. A new intersection of 3 6 9 proportion, yet ancient. Inverting back the true meaning of the cross. The cross intersection of love. The true divine blueprint..heart centered creatrix electromagnetic divinely spinning net of love. 

At the heart, all roads, a thousand roads lead to rose blossomed unified heart center field. I will meet you there. Where the true heart center lines cross. Where all of our parallel lives lined separation comes together as one within. FeminineMasculine as one. The one of yours and mine. All of ours.  

Stolen and damaged through the illusion of time, ignorance and false distorted human constructs of sacrificial lamb fear. Service to the itty bitty scared separated self, impurified by the illusion of force over.  

Shepherds of love have returned and are fully United in service to all. The divine blueprint construct. There truly is nothing to fear anymore. Spend your vital life force carefully, that which you buy into. You choose. You create the divine matrix. We do. Lay down thy sword, turn off and turn your back to the illusion and walk forward creating the ideal. 

Sit on that mountain. Become the mountain. Go within and See what is real. Hurdle gracefully over the distorted myths. Soaring and sacrificing within only that which is not love. Never choosing sacrificial thought self harm.  Choosing love and heaven for self and all other as one soul Self. Creating and building in divine clear loving thought formation and integral action.  

Inverted fear time lines repaired. So all may feel heaven on earth with all of the senses. First within. Abundance and Reparations for all. Standing oh so tall. It is done. 

My tremendous appreciation to the divine masculine for the infinite devotional commitment of never giving up on this dream, this vision throughout millenia. The profound healing that had to occur, the patience and truthful soul bearing vulnerability.  Respecting, careFULLY responding to, holding and adoring the divine feminine as only a divine masculine can truly do. My infinite thanksgiving to you. Within the outer. 

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February 22, 2022.. 6 week online course at 7pm Eastern on Zoom

What you can expect from this course...

~make deep friendships with other group members that can be life changing and life lasting

~experience the energy of blissful divine love from within and in outer from a safe unconditional fun loving group experience

~learn ancient techniques passed down through the lineage of both the male and female Christ to balance inner divine masculine and divine feminine energies for alchemical healing within

~begin the greatest love affair of your life... one of self love that emanates to your outer reality for open heart reception of great love from others

~learn how the power of love assists in creating your reality and designing your greatest experiences as a divine architect

~learn techniques for judgement detox within to redesign the blueprint for radical self acceptance of self and greater empathy and understanding for other

~destress and reinvigorate your soul!

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Midnight moonlit path aglow

Dancing sparkling sunlit snow

Shining one’s fractals so bright

Beautiful starry reflected light

In the quiet calm of the winter night

As above so below…

As within so the outer…

Inside like the outside

Outside like the inside

Upper side like the underside

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