Ascending Through Self Love ~ Becoming the Architect of Your Divine Inner Temple Course Information

Welcome to divine architecture and temple building. I am so excited to open sacred space for this beautiful, life changing, inner commitment to love with a wonderful group of like minded souls. We will all hold sacred space for each other as we delve into the subconscious to unearth what does not serve us andContinue reading “Ascending Through Self Love ~ Becoming the Architect of Your Divine Inner Temple Course Information”

Sacred SELF Divine Love Relationship

There is no love greater than divine love. It sees and knows you as 100% whole, capable, sovereign, beautifully exquisite in your divine existence, beloved, worthy of all abundance, love, grace and connection. It knows your absolute divinity and sacred worth without question.  It is pure divine source connection love available to you in every moment.Continue reading “Sacred SELF Divine Love Relationship”

When We Know Better We Do Better

We don’t know what we don’t know and we can only resonate with what we can integrate. Yet the same old thing is the same old thing and will be the same old thing. Old comfort zones shedding leading to new comfort zones… sometimes uncomfortably enough to make us make a shift. Uncomfortable purging leadsContinue reading “When We Know Better We Do Better”

Lyran Swan Song

The dam has broken. Flood gates open. A swan graciously carried away by the NaTuRal river current, entering through vesica veil holy of holies, uninhibited free flow crown waterfall light speed ocean drip ~ primordial cosmic sea of light~ alchemical healing transmutation cyclic completion transformation. A year, a great year. Anew in light in love.Continue reading “Lyran Swan Song”

Our Mission… To Love Each Other

♾We are here for each other. We came to experience ourselves in each other. This beautiful gift of life.To love ourselves through each other. Being love within and for all. To have an experience of resonant knowing of other through laughter, sensation, connected teardrops as one teardrop, heart to heart rainbow bridging hug love flow,Continue reading “Our Mission… To Love Each Other”

Full Moon Shekinah Flow

Stand in truth. Kindly communicating it. Our outer reality a powerful mirror for the lie. Fear and trauma triggers perpetuate the lie. When acted upon causing harm, intended or unintended, to innocent and hopeful, adult children of men..pouring salt on the wounds of their, our, codependent traumas. This I know you know. Salted separation tearsContinue reading “Full Moon Shekinah Flow”

Home Is Where The Heart Resonates

When our journey takes us to unprecedented, unexpected, extraordinary moments that change us forever… to new perspectives, new probability field continuums, new realms, new sights, new colors, views, angles, spirals, ideas, imaginings, sensations, new heights of conscious awareness, a new home that we could never come back from… a blissful high heart opening electrifying resonanceContinue reading “Home Is Where The Heart Resonates”