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Welcome to divine architecture and temple building. I am so excited to open sacred space for this beautiful, life changing, inner commitment to love with a wonderful group of like minded souls. We will all hold sacred space for each other as we delve into the subconscious to unearth what does not serve us and to discover great great love. Together we will hold the intention of transformation of our mental thought patterns and energy for higher self embodiment and the journey to divine union. Love and opening of the heart is the portal within to higher dimensional consciousness. We can become the architects and design the template (temple) within for loving ourselves so profoundly that we are able to unconditionally love others the same, all aspects of ourselves, and the all. An inside journey that reflects outward to assist with the evolution of consciousness of self and through self to humanity.

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There is no love greater than divine love. It sees and knows you as 100% whole, capable, sovereign, beautifully exquisite in your divine existence, beloved, worthy of all abundance, love, grace and connection. It knows your absolute divinity and sacred worth without question.  It is pure divine source connection love available to you in every moment. Always Infinitely. A love greater and beyond what we can sometimes imagine of or dream of from ourselves and from others. Pure Divine higher God Self source love. Seeing all of your incredible perfection. 

You are loved unconditionally, completely and unapologetically through source love. How could source not love itself as you? The greatest Self Love Embodiment. This love is an all knowing when it is felt. An energy that cannot be denied or compared to anything else. Nothing feels better. Liquified bliss waves of pure ecstatic oneness. 

We must hold ourselves with grace for our humanness as we shift to integrate godliness. Trusting the path, even in the storms. The storms bring forth incredible truths that those old rose colored glasses want to gleam over. 

Seeing from a hawk’s eye truth.  Ever expanding so greatly to hold and embody this love source flowing and weaving through us. We begin to see glimpses of divinity reflecting from us, from this embodiment, from this higher consciousness, state of awareness expansion flowing from us, seeing through enlightened new eyes, no more glasses, laser focused stillness clarity. 

Our new conscious observation of divinity reflected into the beauty of this majestic planet, the connective nature of all through divine new types of experiences, weaving through the leyline networks of love the joyful health and thriving of the souls we experience in the hologram from moment to moment, fractals of the ONE soul in each of us. 

As within so without.  All aglow, some storms and aglow again. All experience ok, all divine, all held with sacred love… within and without. 

Outer true sacred relationship with self and other (s) is the reflection of divine love from within.  It is pure, it knows and loves you through your storms and your sun lit rainbows. It’s inner and outer door always open and never closed to you.  Opening the heart even further opens the divine door even further until there are no more doors shutting self or other out. No more unresponsiveness when knocking on heaven’s door. Replaced with open airy temples with no doors where unconditional love flows on the wings of grace and prescense. 

Source’s expression of love never requires perfection or readiness to receive divinity, it is pure unconditional divine love through all moments for self and other no matter what comes up.  We are ALL worthy of giving and receiving this love. 

Blessed be and so it be came

Beautiful divine art by: @alexruiz.artist

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We don’t know what we don’t know and we can only resonate with what we can integrate. Yet the same old thing is the same old thing and will be the same old thing. Old comfort zones shedding leading to new comfort zones… sometimes uncomfortably enough to make us make a shift. Uncomfortable purging leads to beautiful new views and experiences.

So don’t be hard on yourself, forgive yourself for everything and others too. As you do, when they know better they do better too. Most especially when we hold that sacred space for ourselves and others, infinitely.  We are all capable of healing, growing and changing for the better… knowing we are exactly where we are supposed to be in this very moment of our soul’s journey. 

Have an excellent day and take time to smell the presence and stillness of the opening of the rose of your heart… of love for yourself and all through the power of your breath and capacity to love.

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A divine mother’s divine love for child, all of her children, embodied divinity holy trinity. 1 plus 1 equals 3. Sacred, pure, infinite and always. Outside of time. Nurturing, holding, beholding, beloving…the becoming. A divine love like no other.. for the ALL, for and through you and me.

Spinning Diamond octahedron, 1..2..3, seed of life center patterning * , her perfect fit. Loving wink of the left eye. Baby suckling right side nourishment. Inner child center eye, left right now back to one. Flower of life 7 to 1, on the 7th day of creation, New Year’s Genesis Countdown rewind. Back to the future. Oversoul symphony harmonics inside of time. 3..2… always comes back to 1

Breathe in this love. Feel it in your open receiving heart. Feel it’s grace embrace, it’s warmth and infinite serenity.. resonant uplifting harmonically converged wings and heart, natural gentle flow of source stream..Forevermore

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We are here for each other.

We came to experience ourselves in each other. This beautiful gift of life.
To love ourselves through each other. Being love within and for all.

To have an experience of resonant knowing of other through laughter, sensation, connected teardrops as one teardrop, heart to heart rainbow bridging hug love flow, eye gazes into each others’ universe within.. divinely seeing each other.. Fully.. completely.. our divinity.

Our all knowing glimpse into this beautiful love story. That each and every one of us holds the divine presence of love, life and fortitude. That ALL are worthy of unconditional beautiful flowing love, great compassion and care.. as the Self and through the Self of I AM. That we walk each other home in our connections, our smiles, our eye gazes, our heart resonance, our sorrow and our joy. Seeing each other completely for who the other is… embodied divinity. The most beautiful gift of life. To have each other. To hold each other. Our mission… to love ourselves through each other.

Working through the same life lessons in different ways, times and degrees throughout our lifetimes. To realize grace, gratitude for all moments and who we are blessed with, peace within, unity with all as the all through all.

No matter what is happening may the magic of Christmas bring joy, blessings and surprises beyond your everyday imaginings. Flowing with each other through grace and divinity. Our daily personalities, contrast of light and dark to see the rainbow, our differences, our beautiful soul print gifts of creation that could’ve been just mundane same, instead truly magically wondrous and divine. All aspect potentialities that we all have in each other.

Our mission.. to love each other

Beautiful Self loving nature flow with ALL.. video credit: @iceland.explore Instagram Repost

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When our journey takes us to unprecedented, unexpected, extraordinary moments that change us forever… to new perspectives, new probability field continuums, new realms, new sights, new colors, views, angles, spirals, ideas, imaginings, sensations, new heights of conscious awareness, a new home that we could never come back from… a blissful high heart opening electrifying resonance with love and the all.. it can never be forgotten. What we learn, master and integrate we take with us.. until one day we no longer recognize the old paradigm. The old can no longer pull us back to what was and is no more. Ever ascending…

Only from the heart can you touch the sky ~Rumi

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Connecting and running with fear thoughts will take you down horrorscapes instead of dreamscapes. It is like Alice going down the rabbit hole. Try to remember that if you can catch a fear thought and reverse it into what you want to have happen you will in that very moment ascend into the dreamscape. You will shift into feeling gratitude and joy for the feeling of the experience you want. It will also relieve anxiety and angst shifting you into gratitude consciousness. We manifest what we think about, what we imagine. Imagine the best case scenario for the highest timeline. Not only for how you will feel but also to magnetize that potentiality to you. Worry and angst keep us in low frequency timelines and states of distress. Shift the timelines for your highest and greatest through your thoughts and beliefs. Quantam leaping to your joy and highest timeline potentialities. Everything we have ever created was the result of our imagination. You choose… divine sovereignty

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Know without a doubt- no doubt:
~You are loved unconditionally and divinely
~Past perceived mistakes and heartaches can always be forgiven and healed
~Shame and guilt are never worth the inner damage they produce
~You are a rare Diamond whose shine is changing this planet in ways you cannot conceive of
~Our creations are divinely orchestrated as they are gestating in the womb of divine love
~Not all is always as it seems to the daily personality
~The power of belief extends multidimensionally and throughout the multiverse
~The power of your intentional love, care and word impacts all in your field
~Not perfection, inner grace
~You are never alone and so so loved
~You are divinity flowing through every breath

From a divine child:
What is a heart plus a heart? A double heart!

Breath of life heart flow

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Image from Video: @amatista_conscienciaintuitiva

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There have been many obstacles for millenia with getting in, truly getting in. Getting into the inner sanctum to reveal what is hidden. The hidden, no longer such a vast inaccessible mystery. Although infinite in its exploration. The seeker, the longing to go deep within the inner temples, to find the buried treasures and unearth the gems and knowledge, to find the gold.

Suppression of knowledge, long-standing generational trauma. Closed gates and fear stories we would be crazy, sinful, not tough enough or even cursed if we chose to enter the inner forbidden zones and disrupt the sleeping lion.

Listen to the voice that says you have done this before, because you have. It is crystal coded within you, within your DNA and ancient memories, from before the fall, that were sealed and locked away until now.

When we open the door, pass through the illusional fear barriers, raise our worthiness to enter the divine inner temple to see our treasures, to receive our divine gifts, divinity itself, we realize we were the only obstacle in the way of entering heaven on earth and claiming golden consciousness love.

We are the treasure, we are the Diamond, in the so called rough, creating the smooth new reality. The pot of gold. Claim your divinity, your worthiness, prosperity, peace, ease and easy solutions, ecstatic joy, bliss, fun, love, your outer dreamscape new earth divine matrix. Claim it and with the breath of life rest in the all knowing it is done. This rest and peaceful assuredness is still point for creating divine life.

If you fall from grace here is where you watch and observe and call in the inner habit pattern pathway clean up crew, the road work assistance of your higher self for self newly made permanent detours.. that become new golden plasma roads of love, healed perception and unwavering belief in your divine self created loving reality.

New Earth Heart Field Resonance comes from within and rises up within you. May all beings unlock the pathway of the heart to their divine kingdom within.. and so the outer… to dance in fields of gold.

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Horus, oh giver of life

The one that doesn’t have to think twice

Resurrected from the prison of the lower mind

She birthing him through their love

Her infinite embrace of his divine

All of his morphogenetic field potentialities

His light, dark and shadow too

Beloved devotion committed love for you

Hand in hand again and again…throughout space time

Landed, grounded and soaring at the core

Divine masculine and divine feminine together forevermore

Freedom derives only from their, your, our resonance with love

Walking the light talking

Making the way through the vast cosmic expanse

Repairing the old pathways and forging the new path of light.. for ALL souls to unite

Only ever falling into the sacred healing waters of the net of love

For the fall is no more, ever rising, ever loving 

One, yet two, three and four, yet one doing for ALL

Her role more important than the dark ages ever gave her credit for

In the twilight his eyes revealed

Just as the first time, stillness gleam true 

For we will always stand by you

You are him and us

And I am you 

The books, all of the books of the dead, hinted to this

The second coming of divine Christos Consciousness 

Her and him and them together again 

In Horus hover bliss above and now below

We are ALL the second coming, if you so choose

Unveil your shadows. Awaken to them. Bring them into the light. The time has come to heal and to unite. Only then so too the vast wonder of free flight will be unveiled to you. 

This generation miraculously doing for all. What they (we) sought, we accomplish. Trust in yourself, the seeker, and your all knowing.. for your resonance with love and your truth shall always light the way. Through the darkness, through the shadow, until the sun rises on the new day. Lay in wait no more.. as you are safe with her.  

Your train has come and is no more just a toy, the way is lit…for your miraculous, brilliant, devotional, multidimensional creations to finally take flight. Remove your cloak, your mask, standing in our impenetrable light.. To finally finally be received, seen, felt, heard and tasted.. with the abundant glory and majesty of her earthly divine light essence.  Wrapped up in her love for ALL of YOU. 

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Majestic Mother Gaia Iceland waterfall

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