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Begins: February 22, 2022 online every Tuesday at 7pm Eastern for 6 weeks

Price: $333


This 6 week module, which includes 2 half hour mentorship calls/meetings, will gently focus on techniques and daily rituals to support rewiring toxic thought forms, beliefs and habits to create an inner network of self-love ~ divine inner temple. Temple building is an ancient alchemical art to heal and transmute lower thought forms that keep us from higher states of consciousness.  As a result, being able to resonate with higher states of consciousness through love and opening of the heart.  In our society it is very rare to have had a completely unconditionally, loving relationship with another. Often the only connection we truly feel that is unconditional is our connection with divinity. There have been many systemic religious and societal programs throughout our his-story that may have caused our connection with divinity to feel judgmental or authoritarian. This may have created a subconscious imprint that can be observed in our inner talking and how we think about or judge ourselves.  

This course is a step by step model to develop the greatest love affair of your life, the one with yourself and your divine source connection. The central focus throughout this 6 week journey is guiding you through experiential, group and individual work to  meet on the inner planes and build a relationship with your higher self. Once we have this unconditional, divine loving connection, we can lovingly work within to bring light to our shadow aspects to heal, re-wire and re-script our inner talking and toxic belief patterns. The more we resonate with love, as well as remove judgement and inner critic networks, the more we are able to resonate energetically with higher dimensions of peace, joy and enlightenment to evolve consciousness. Through great self-love and self-reverence the goal is to unveil and heal our inner beliefs and inner self-talking that keep us from experiencing our highest and greatest timelines. Ultimately, to create an inner network of love, ascending to higher self embodiment.

Included in the 6 week modules:

~Develop an understanding of self-talk and mindful self-awareness to begin to be the watcher and quantam cosmic creator of your inner temple of love.  Learn techniques to shift inner talking, neurological pathways and habits to hold yourself with radical self love and self acceptance. By creating this template within we are mindfully creating greater degrees of patience,  unconditional love for others and forgiveness. We are also likely to be triggered less by outer interpersonal interactions.

~Delve into familial, religious, societal, ancestral and collective toxic belief patterns for powerful healing to ascend out of programmed imprints of fear, guilt, lack of self-worth, disempowerment etc. to realize greater states of peace and joyful living.  Become aware of the shadow in order to transmute these individual and collective inverted thought structures that keep us from self-love and joy.

~ Learn about the function of fear in your operating system. Fear is the focus on that which we don’t want to have happen. As we are powerful creators, ‘made in the image’, continual fear and anxious thought patterns send distress signals through the sympathetic and parasympathetic system creating chemical responses in the brain for increased adrenaline, cortisol levels and/or flight or fight responses. Often responsible for dis-ease we will look at how to shift mindsets for ease by becoming scientific observers of our own consciousness.  We will also discuss the impact of trauma on the brain for wired states of over preparedness thought patterns that were created from I AM not safe. 

~Each week will include healing guided meditation journeys to support the teachings of the week. Expect to receive higher divine guidance from your divine source connection to build your sacred relationship with your Self and your YOUniverse, within and in the outer. Daily practices as homework and support for daily integration of ancient mystery school teachings will be reviewed.  

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The Self Love Crash Course (Ascending Through Self Love) was brilliant. It brought up important points and questions that are leading me to more self awareness and how necessary self love is so we can heal ourselves and give us the tools needed to broadcast love and healing out into the world.

— Margaret Kilbride, Upstate New York