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Dates: 10/26/22

Time: 6:00-8:00 pm

Location: A Time To Heal Massage Offices: 11 Townsend St., Walton, NY 13856

Price: $35


In this course we will discuss what self talk is and explore how it impacts our inner relationship to self and our relationship to others and our reality. Shifting into healthy, loving self-talk can transform your entire reality and shift you into a higher love that is felt both within your own psyche and body, as well as with relationships with others. This therapeutic and spiritual approach to how we relate to ourselves is a model, not only for supporting children, but our own struggles. This can lead to feeling the wonder and innocence again of our inner child and add the energy of gentle love to what we are trying to create and manifest instead of sabotaging our outer creations with doubt etc. Through fear based thinking, intense judgment of self and other, and/or shame and guilt inner conversations we limit our potential to create a life of joy, peace, adventure and happiness. If you have been feeling in a rut or are just looking for ways to live more peacefully join Amanda for this class. Included will be  a self loving guided meditation to awaken, empower and remember our inner divine source love that can be a tremendous source of strength and guidance for our daily lives. 

Location: A Time To Heal Massage, Walton, NY 13856

Price $35

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The Self Love Crash Course (Ascending Through Self Love) was brilliant. It brought up important points and questions that are leading me to more self awareness and how necessary self love is so we can heal ourselves and give us the tools needed to broadcast love and healing out into the world.

— Margaret Kilbride, Upstate New York