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Ancient New Shadow Work

January 26, 2023

Shadow work is an ancient knowledge that brings the subconscious of the individual and the unconscious of the collective consciousness to light. Most specifically how the unconscious of the collective and the paradigms and scripts impact our reality and repression of free creation. We see our shadow play outside of us most often in outer relationships or circumstances. Judgement, bias, stereotypes, narcissistic tendencies, fear, shame, guilt, lack of self worth triggered responses are a great place to start when delving into shadow. As we work through these pieces we are able to hold more higher frequency and love in the physical body on our journey toward enlightenment. Those things that keep repeating for us, annoyances and where we are triggered are sign posts of unconscious shadow play (wizard behind the curtain). Dream work shows us our dance with shadow symbolically and profoundly and helps us to be more conscious of it. Once we can mindfully recognize shadow aspects of self to be integrated and embraced it is important to then transform them from a place of unconditional love for self and other, instead of rejecting self or other for the experience of being born into the collective consciousness inheritance. As we mindfully with our minds step out of the collective to then inform consciousness, as a watcher/observer/master of the mind we free ourselves from the fallen consciousness paradigms. They (we) know not what we do… until we do! We can then learn from the unconscious and be mindful of what it is shadow is trying to teach us and show us as we ascend and evolve to higher consciousness heart resonance. Blessings for healing and grace within on your journey.

Image: @shadows_magazine Instagram

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