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Ascension Remembrance

November 1, 2021

So many memories of bliss and pain, laughter and joy, tears and fears and smiling stillness..looking back at it all.

Through the cold of the night, blacks and so many moonlit blues dissolved the beauty of what was, to transform into the beauty of what will be, what now is.

Old habits, revolving doors, dark tunnel vision, holding us down from being our next most amazing selves. Exhausting shedding of the old, wanting to crawl out of our skin, because we were. The old skin no longer resonating, irritability conformation attempts trying to connect with it again. The only choice to release the old, powerful transformative evolutionary catapult. The powers of change making us so uncomfortable. Leaving the old foundational shedded brick wall, that was once around the heart. Dismantled brick by brick, old imprisoned false constructs.

Creative flow anew within the wispy winds of the desires carried by the high heart. Star seed in the wind.. ejected old root and stem known for so so long, false assumption that the ok’d way was all there was.. not able to fully see from the old garden how it was only a season. Yet an inner underlying gnosis remembrance.. of this incredible journey to a new sacred garden. With new roots, new stems, new petals, a new sun, a new day, beautiful love creation from within.

As we transform ourselves, relationships and the collective we can hold the mindful wisdom that it is all for the better, even through the shedding, birthing pains and contractions leading to our expansive bright new day. This new iridescent magnified sensory experience. Beyond what we can imagine from the old programs, old habits and old stories.

Old rusty keys that no longer work or fit. Replacing the keys as we always can. Golden sunny key fitting perfectly into the black dark expanse, of pure oneness, of all knowing, uninhibited wholeness within turning and opening new doors, new in sight.

Doors that were there, veiled by a heavy heart and the illusion that we didn’t always have the keys. Those of love, compassion, sovereignty.

Walking the way forward allowing the path to appear naturally, carried by nature’s currents of divinity, with new eyes, new enlightened clarity vision creation flow, within and so the outer. 

We are through.. and through, with you and without you, within me

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