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Be You!

September 29, 2021

Light the fire of your soul essence within you!

The only thing that stands between us and thriving is fear. Fear of not being enough, fear of being too much, fear of not being worthy of abundance, fear of being rejected or abandoned should we step into our authenticity and inner truth completely. Fear of loving too much or not enough. Everything we ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

Surrendering to the open heart resonance magnetism of it working out and it being ok if it doesn’t exactly how we think it should. Of it being far greater than ever expected through the triumphs, lessons and perceived obstacles. Sailing into the currents of love and divine birthright freedom thriving with faith and trust.

Be who you are unapologetically. Why should we ever have to apologize for sovereign loving authenticity? Empower yourself to be worthy of your own love and beautiful graceful love from others, your own power to create joyful living and thriving and to be who you are, genuinely.

Shine bright like the diamond you are. Dance like no one is looking and be carefree in your moves when everyone is.

Inspire by being completely you! You may APPEAR to be too much for some, not enough for others. In authenticity we find our tribe. Our APPARENT resonance. Our love and joy.

Go read that book, go take that course, paint that picture, go on that trip, hike that mountain and keep living. Do what you love! Choose life, shine so bright your light is contagious and lights all the other lights. Be you!

Awesome Cosmic photo by: @psd.ahmad

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