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February 3, 2023

The commitment to divine union, divine marriage, divine inner love flow ease is an inner relationship commitment to self, one’s divine source connection embodiment. A divine union with self. A sacred reverent relationship with your divine self. All of you.

Healing the divided self. Forgive yourself, be gentle with yourself, be kind to yourself, love yourself the way you have always wanted to be loved. See yourself through the eyes of the divine mother and father. Your integrity, beauty, your gifts, your capacity to hold and be love. Divine love your birthright.

Your divine connection to your divine union reality of ease and grace and awe in the outer, a result of the inner relationship with self.

Learning how to say yes and how to gently say no. Learning how to care for you the same way you want your outer reality to care for you, your outer relationships to care for you.

Do for you what you have dreamed others would do for you. Tend to your needs the way you have wanted others to. Talk to yourself how you want others to. Make a divine love commitment to yourself and all others through this divine relational blueprint.

The secret recipe of divine love enlightenment mastery is knowing the nature of reality and nature’s glorious beautiful mirrors of love within. The golden heart door from the outer opens from within. The keys handed to you in the outer upon readiness and divine time. You are the master. The beloved emanating your outer beloved. All become the beloved. Within you the whole time.

To find the beloved you must become the beloved ~ Rumi

In humble gratitude of the divine master consciousness multidimensionally within and the outer so gracefully emulating this consciousness for ALL.

There is no place like home.

Amazing divinely orchestrated images: @prompt4you

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