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Healing and Ascending Through Love...

The greatest love you could ever know in the outer will only ever come from the greatest love you could ever know from within you.

Sacred relationship is a divine relationship within us that emanates to all of our outer reality. New Earth fifth dimensional Christ Consciousness an immaculate conception from within.

We are all worthy of this beautiful divine love. The kind that is never too much, always enough.

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Just want to thank everyone who came and made this experience so wonderful. We had some moments where we didn't know where we were going, yet were divinely guided right to the magical ferns a dear friend had told me about. For me the ferns represented the inner magic and resilience of us all to withstand the sensory perception of harsher elements/circumstance and that we can persevere and transcend together as a community and in our own divine source love eternal fountain of youth. From the sun crown of the waterfalls of divine love flowing through our sacred vessel to the roots of our tree of life root chakra into the earth holographic chakra. 

Sometimes when we feel off the expected path we can remember all moments are divine and all is divinely orchestrated for our ascent to states of greater joy and ease. Although we feel a bit lost and unsure of where we are at times, we are divinely meant to be in that exact spot. Going off the expected path sometimes brings the most unexpected beings, abundance and joy.  When we are initiated into the ancient mysteries and wisdom of releasing fear, the need to know and the habit to want to control or grasp tightly to unexpected situations... we can learn to shift those responses to experience and become new earth resonance more and more through linear time.  At the ferns we all went within, had a beautiful high heart energetic connection to each other and the land, and all received information from our own unique intuitive gifts about the overall direction to go with some life events, in our inner pathways and on the hike. As within so the outer. Thanks again beautiful souls for such a special day! 

Somewhere in here, over standing the rainbow bridge, blue birds fly

There was a land that I dreamed of out there
Each and every day and every night
Like a sweet lullaby that would ONE day take flight

Here the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true

ONE day I wished upon a moon
Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight
And saw the crystal raindrops fall
Oh the beauty of it all
As the inner sun came shining through

Happy little blue birds fly
Oh my, how so high do I

Oh my

Click click, heal heal, tippy toe
Over the rainbow

Today you’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and you

Somewhere in here love saw us through

All souls liberated

And I think to myself what a wonderful world

Trust the process

Adapted from Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Rainbow Connection, Wonderful World, Somewhere Out There and Just The Two Of Us

Instagram Repost: @dailybirdshow

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The commitment to divine union, divine marriage, divine inner love flow ease is an inner relationship commitment to self, one’s divine source connection embodiment. A divine union with self. A sacred reverent relationship with your divine self. All of you.

Healing the divided self. Forgive yourself, be gentle with yourself, be kind to yourself, love yourself the way you have always wanted to be loved. See yourself through the eyes of the divine mother and father. Your integrity, beauty, your gifts, your capacity to hold and be love. Divine love your birthright.

Your divine connection to your divine union reality of ease and grace and awe in the outer, a result of the inner relationship with self.

Learning how to say yes and how to gently say no. Learning how to care for you the same way you want your outer reality to care for you, your outer relationships to care for you.

Do for you what you have dreamed others would do for you. Tend to your needs the way you have wanted others to. Talk to yourself how you want others to. Make a divine love commitment to yourself and all others through this divine relational blueprint.

The secret recipe of divine love enlightenment mastery is knowing the nature of reality and nature’s glorious beautiful mirrors of love within. The golden heart door from the outer opens from within. The keys handed to you in the outer upon readiness and divine time. You are the master. The beloved emanating your outer beloved. All become the beloved. Within you the whole time.

To find the beloved you must become the beloved ~ Rumi

In humble gratitude of the divine master consciousness multidimensionally within and the outer so gracefully emulating this consciousness for ALL.

There is no place like home.

Amazing divinely orchestrated images: @prompt4you

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Shadow work is an ancient knowledge that brings the subconscious of the individual and the unconscious of the collective consciousness to light. Most specifically how the unconscious of the collective and the paradigms and scripts impact our reality and repression of free creation. We see our shadow play outside of us most often in outer relationships or circumstances. Judgement, bias, stereotypes, narcissistic tendencies, fear, shame, guilt, lack of self worth triggered responses are a great place to start when delving into shadow. As we work through these pieces we are able to hold more higher frequency and love in the physical body on our journey toward enlightenment. Those things that keep repeating for us, annoyances and where we are triggered are sign posts of unconscious shadow play (wizard behind the curtain). Dream work shows us our dance with shadow symbolically and profoundly and helps us to be more conscious of it. Once we can mindfully recognize shadow aspects of self to be integrated and embraced it is important to then transform them from a place of unconditional love for self and other, instead of rejecting self or other for the experience of being born into the collective consciousness inheritance. As we mindfully with our minds step out of the collective to then inform consciousness, as a watcher/observer/master of the mind we free ourselves from the fallen consciousness paradigms. They (we) know not what we do… until we do! We can then learn from the unconscious and be mindful of what it is shadow is trying to teach us and show us as we ascend and evolve to higher consciousness heart resonance. Blessings for healing and grace within on your journey.

Image: @shadows_magazine Instagram

Never underestimate the love you hold and have given. The enormity of it, the humility of it, my infinite adoration and gratitude for it. What it’s done. What it has transformed. A boundless vessel of divine love giving and receiving. Beyond our wildest dreams and integration. Divinely orchestrated.

I see it. I know it. I am in awe of it.

Thank you divine ONE

Instagram Repost _reuko.. so beautiful this plasma love heart flow depiction

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The Big Bang~ Creating Our Universes
Our Infinite Multiverse of HeartMind Thought Creation

When we alchemize all that is not love in lower thought form mind chatter, how we see ourselves and others (how others see us) we open and expand to the opening of receiving what is meant for us, without obstacles in the way. The obstacles are created by the mind telepathically with the outer energetic vibratory hologram consciousness interplay matrix.

All is mind, we are energy through which our consciousness informs reality. Evolved beyond Newtonian physics to multiverse superstring quantum leap. Cosmic conscious free flow love clearance open gate. The gates are open for all to feel and know the divine matrix.

Our holy desire manifests effortlessly through a pure divine vessel of love. Self love the open gate for all love to flow through a divinely self loved divine embodied frequency of love vessel. The gift we give ourselves in all thought, all imagination and dreamweaving.

Co-creating a pure love flow vessel for the collective consciousness of humanity. Divine birthright ascension of consciousness for all as all. As within so we see and flow the outer.

@sarahjaneperman Instagram Repost
A most beautiful divine love flowing inner outer dance…

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Friendship, the most beautiful foundation for all love. A bond of mutual respect, affection and admiration. A warm tender mirror for the relationship with self. To fully see yourself through the eyes of another. What if all were your very best friend? What if you were your own very best friend? How might you interact differently? All is love. All is divine union reciprocity friendship when we ascend out of fear and lower thought form. Our true nature. Unveiled in it’s miraculous beauty. Divine nature of give and receive. Why the one created another. To experience self with limitless potentiality. To fully see the wholeness of divinity in self and other. Embodying and profoundly holding the worthiness of that love. Emanating it out in all cosmic conscious interactions with others. Near and far, telepathically and physically. Seeing them and them seeing you of namaste proportions. With limitless love and beautiful friendship in divinity’s flow. I adore you. ALL of you… we are ONE celebration emanation.


Instagram Repost: @angelaliggs

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