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Divine Feminine Embrace

August 17, 2022

Such a warm divine loving embrace below. Rest in the embrace of your inner divine feminine (men and women). Loving you, honoring your life and your divinity, it’s interconnection to all life everywhere, with the multiverse in beautiful harmony from within you. Feel the warmth and love of your feminine energies, the energies that birth creation and nurture, sustain and infinitely provide unconditional love. Do that for you. Do that for others. Sometimes you just need a hug, an embrace. If so create one today, an inner and outer embrace. The outer will respond. Love to you all. Make loving care in all you do. Whatever is going right or wrong can often be cured with a hug. Don’t forget to hold yourself with loving care.  Wings around you with a warm loving tender embrace…

Artist: Robert Pope and

Josephine Wall

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