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Divine Love Waterfall Hike: New Earth Ground Crew

April 17, 2023

Just want to thank everyone who came and made this experience so wonderful. We had some moments where we didn't know where we were going, yet were divinely guided right to the magical ferns a dear friend had told me about. For me the ferns represented the inner magic and resilience of us all to withstand the sensory perception of harsher elements/circumstance and that we can persevere and transcend together as a community and in our own divine source love eternal fountain of youth. From the sun crown of the waterfalls of divine love flowing through our sacred vessel to the roots of our tree of life root chakra into the earth holographic chakra. 

Sometimes when we feel off the expected path we can remember all moments are divine and all is divinely orchestrated for our ascent to states of greater joy and ease. Although we feel a bit lost and unsure of where we are at times, we are divinely meant to be in that exact spot. Going off the expected path sometimes brings the most unexpected beings, abundance and joy.  When we are initiated into the ancient mysteries and wisdom of releasing fear, the need to know and the habit to want to control or grasp tightly to unexpected situations... we can learn to shift those responses to experience and become new earth resonance more and more through linear time.  At the ferns we all went within, had a beautiful high heart energetic connection to each other and the land, and all received information from our own unique intuitive gifts about the overall direction to go with some life events, in our inner pathways and on the hike. As within so the outer. Thanks again beautiful souls for such a special day! 

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