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Divinely So..

April 6, 2022

There is a dimension of reality where fear is a faded, barely there, memory; where the divisive noise of fear media is just a speck of dust on the windowsill; where the gentle swelling tide liquified heart bliss divine union heart resonance can no longer connect to mental separation from the outer.

It’s a space and place where chaos can be seen but is no longer viewed as bad or wrong. A process of nature, a cyclic, evolutionary paradigm. Designed to bring greater order. Evolution.

As humans we feel. We cry. We laugh. We soar into to feel, to sense, to love, to admire. As we remove admonishment and harbor in stillness within, regardless of outer circumstance, we allow natural flow. The natural current. Inner gracious bliss allowance of what comes to come and what goes to go. Divinely so..

To infinite harmony with divine nature. A resonance of the heart. A radical acceptance of the mind in all it’s form. Unconditional love. A surrender to neutrality.

Pic repost: mikhaela_natacha.m
Unknown if Artist

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