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Inner Sanctum

December 6, 2021

There have been many obstacles for millenia with getting in, truly getting in. Getting into the inner sanctum to reveal what is hidden. The hidden, no longer such a vast inaccessible mystery. Although infinite in its exploration. The seeker, the longing to go deep within the inner temples, to find the buried treasures and unearth the gems and knowledge, to find the gold.

Suppression of knowledge, long-standing generational trauma. Closed gates and fear stories we would be crazy, sinful, not tough enough or even cursed if we chose to enter the inner forbidden zones and disrupt the sleeping lion.

Listen to the voice that says you have done this before, because you have. It is crystal coded within you, within your DNA and ancient memories, from before the fall, that were sealed and locked away until now.

When we open the door, pass through the illusional fear barriers, raise our worthiness to enter the divine inner temple to see our treasures, to receive our divine gifts, divinity itself, we realize we were the only obstacle in the way of entering heaven on earth and claiming golden consciousness love.

We are the treasure, we are the Diamond, in the so called rough, creating the smooth new reality. The pot of gold. Claim your divinity, your worthiness, prosperity, peace, ease and easy solutions, ecstatic joy, bliss, fun, love, your outer dreamscape new earth divine matrix. Claim it and with the breath of life rest in the all knowing it is done. This rest and peaceful assuredness is still point for creating divine life.

If you fall from grace here is where you watch and observe and call in the inner habit pattern pathway clean up crew, the road work assistance of your higher self for self newly made permanent detours.. that become new golden plasma roads of love, healed perception and unwavering belief in your divine self created loving reality.

New Earth Heart Field Resonance comes from within and rises up within you. May all beings unlock the pathway of the heart to their divine kingdom within.. and so the outer… to dance in fields of gold.

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