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Law of Love

July 22, 2022

Love is the greatest law of the universe and supersedes all others. We can Love and accept self and all others for where we are at right now. Knowing we were not less divine yesterday than we are tomorrow.

There are no wrong moments on the journey. Surrender to the greatness of who we are right now. Remarkably, beautifully, amazingly wonderful.

The great mystery carries us on the waves of love to all that is meant for us. If we are always standing on the sidelines of the shore waiting for that perfect wave or the wave to somehow be perfected it will never be now. They are all all ready stunning.

Appreciate what is here now. The only true moment is now. The day is always here and is always now shining brightly.

Hall of mirrors enlightening the way..

Heart beat breath pulsing one sweet day..


Beautiful heart resonant beat jellyfish swim~ Aquarium of The Pacific

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