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Making Home

October 12, 2021

The time has come
The pot needs no more stirring
Heated and cooled to perfection
Free flowing
No where else to go
At the eleventh hour
In the nick of all time
Yet, not of this time
The first time
Ancient rhyme
Ancient lands ancient friends
Together again
Traversing the vortical octaves
Golden river staircase
Multidimensional paradoxical hopping
Right the left
Front the back
Above the below
Within the outer
Turned inside out
Torsion vesica flow
Separate, yet one
In and back out
Out and back in
Knowing the way
Just like yesterday
Turn the page
Have your own number
It’s your turn to dance
Know more slumber
Win Win for ALL

Image credit Instagram Repost Snapshot: @discoverearth
Music: Young The Giant- Mind Over Matter (Reprise)

flow #golden #theway #dance #5d #paradox #multidimensional #channel #tune #sun #heaven #intention #beautiful #dreamscape

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