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New Earth Is Here

November 8, 2021

Conspiracy or no conspiracy is still an exercise in duality. We can’t create the new if we constantly focus into what is wrong. ConspiraSIZING things up.

We absolutely needed to move into this realm collectively on our path to see it, to then work through it and now move out of it. Ascending up through the 4D realm.

Looking for the bad constantly is a trauma response in judgement and fear. “If it doesn’t bleed it isn’t newsworthy.” Seeing the world as wrong, bad, traumatic, divide and conquer, they are out to get us and not working for us, perpetuates this shadow. It’s the old warring fear narrative. It is the same old script we have within on why relating doesn’t go well. All is relationship.

Chem trails, pesticides, GMO, oligarchy, CO2 emissions, suppression of technology, science and history. That is all now his-story too. We can now rise above it all. The patriarchy is no more. The wounded masculine has healed and is now standing alongside the divine feminine. Everyone is awakening and healing.

Go into meditation, into calm. Paint it how we want it in 5D love resonance for it to ground in 3D material formation. Imagination the key.

Peaceful loving society has to become our inner truth.

Love into everything for 5th dimensional new earth resonance and that is what we will experience. Enlightenment through one conscious breath and one conscious step, believing it to be so. Beautiful days, moments, new systems, new news. See all systems, leaders and outer situations moving into the most loving highest aspect. The one you want and are now lucidly dreaming of. Divine love orchestration.. hello and thank you, you. It’s how we move through this.

When two or more gather in a belief, it can create a domino 100th monkey effect. Be mindful whose narrative you are creating. Make one of peace, joy, love, freedom, community.

Let’s ALL come together in our hopes and dreams for humanity and clean it ALL up from within. I AM free, you are.

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