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Season 3 Episode 2

Amanda discusses the energetics of masculine and feminine and how they have influenced consciousness through the dark ages. She explains ascension and the shifts that occur in the inner and outer to see and feel the divine masculine and divine feminine in all beings from the emanation within of new earth consciousness. She also talks about how this is a process that occurs gradually and naturally in alignment with your soul blueprint and occurs within.


Season 3 Episode 1

Ahmed El Feqy, CEO of Stargate Tours and founder of the Sungate Mystery School and Skywalker Healings joins Amanda for divine time conversation discussing sacred site initiations and activations, as well as ascending consciousness for embodiment of the holy temple within and without. Ahmed and Amanda talk about their recent mystical experiences in Egypt. Ahmed discusses his many direct teachings from the elders, including the Cathars and the lineages of the grail / Christ Consciousness through his experience and ordination at Monsegur, France and other stargate locations. @thesungates @skywalkerhealings


Season 2 Episode 6

In this Season 2 Finale Rob and Amanda discuss the difference between using ancient hermetic teachings for self empowerment, self sovereignty and divine love rather than power over, and the difference. They delve into multidimensionality and how we can be the higher self and the daily personality at the same time, coming to a greater understanding of what it means to know thyself. They talk about how the literal translations of the feminine from religious texts have caused a great suppression of the divine feminine energies that we are all continuing to heal for the experience of unity consciousness.


Season 2 Episode 5

Spiritual Super Pals Rev Rob and Amanda discuss the 4th principle in the Kybalion, the Principle of Polarity. They discuss how duality can be transcended through embracing the totality of all of creation. Good/Bad, Right/Wrong, Light/Dark, Positive/Negative Yin/Yang through divine neutrality. As we ascend and heal separation through heart mind unity consciousness we experience the perception of duality to lesser degrees.


Season 2 Episode 4

Spiritual Super Pals Rev Rob and Amanda discuss the 3rd principle in the Kybalion, the Law of Vibration. They discuss how vibration and frequency relate specifically to ascension, chakras, rainbows, meditation, sound healing and energy healing, as well as everyday integration of the science and metaphysics associated with vibration. They discuss how this principle relates to and is weaved within the other principles.


Season 2 Episode 3

Amanda and Rob delve into a spiraling philosophical conversation with the next Hermetic Principle in the Kybalion: The Law of Correspondence and some of the ways it relates to the ascension process. Beautiful numerology today. See if you can find the encoded numbers corresponding to today's date within!


Season 2 Episode 2

Spiritual Spinister (Rev Rob) Multidimensional Hopping with Net of Love

Rev Rob and Amanda begin their season 2 journey into The 7 Principles of the Universe as outlined in the Kybalion. They explore, in this episode, the Principle of Mentalism and discuss how ALL is Mind, consciousness. They also delve into the spiritual insights, integrative experiences and wisdom that working with these principles has brought each of them on their spiritual journey so far.

Season 2 Episode 1

JM Barry Meets Net of Love

In the season 2 premiere Amanda talks with JM Barry about her amazing life experiences as an art conservator and we discuss her new book called The Kairostone. Additional topics discussed include multidimensionality, time, higher dimensions of consciousness and removal of information in history that contradicted the narrative.

Season 1 Episode 8

Rev Rob Meets Net of Love

Join Amanda and Rob Banaszak, Pastor/Metaphysical Minister at the Institute for Spiritual Development, Washington, D.C. for a fun discussion on how they became metaphysical ministers, the importance of consulting the higher self for your own spiritual journey and the power of embracing the shadow for life guidance. At 43 minutes Amanda and Rob deliver a Tarot co-reading for the collective.

Season 1 Episode 7

Trista Haggerty & The Grail School Meets Net of Love

Healing the Myths of the Divine Feminine : Paradigm shifting conversation with Trista Haggerty, owner and operator of Hawk Circle Retreat Center, Sacred Mountain Tours and The Grail School. Trista and Amanda discuss sacred oil alchemy, grail alchemy, embracing shadow to transmute suffering, the important balance and integration of divine masculine and divine feminine energies for ascension and stripping the distorted myths (subconscious societal imprints) that have kept us from our divinity to embody the divine temple.

Season 1 Episode 6

Gaia's Healing Community Meets Net of Love

Amanda talks with Annie Moniz from Gaia's Healing Community about "awakening," aligning with Gaia, energy sensitivity, communicating with higher self during the awakening process and the healing modality of Reconnection and Reconnective Healing.

Season 1 Episode 5

Institute for Spiritual Development Meets Net of Love

Diana Friedell, Pastor of the Institute for Spiritual Development, Founder of Tuning In and Tuning Up and SHIFT NY Fair discusses with Amanda the mission of the Institute, intuitive development techniques, opening up to the higher self and higher wisdom for divine life guidance and how the mission unfolds through unity consciousness.

Season 1 Episode 4

Judy Lynn Meets Net of Love

Judy Lynn, Psychic Medium and Education Coordinator for SOUL Center has a fun chat with Amanda discussing spiritual awakenings, coming together with other light workers, signposts of unity (group mind) and seeing our consciousness through outer synchronicities. Amanda's upcoming class at SOUL Center and Judy's services are discussed.

Season 1 Episode 3

Breath of Love Meets Net of Love

Julia Mikk, Breath of Love Institute Founder, joins Amanda to discuss the powerful impact of our breath on healing and spiritual evolution. Julia gives a wonderful gift in the middle to experience her breath work at 18:32 within the video.

Season 1 Episode 2

Diamond By Design Meets Net of Love

Sheri Thompson, fellow mindset coach and teacher, talks with Amanda about challenges and fixed mindsets many struggle with right now. They discuss mindfulness techniques and the power of I AM when re-wiring toxic belief patterns to transform survivalist consciousness to joyful living.

Season 1 Episode 1

Love's Beginning Meets Net of Love

Julie Boerst and Amanda discuss ascension, awakening, unity concepts and some ways for how to integrate them.

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