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Quantum Jumping

December 10, 2021

Connecting and running with fear thoughts will take you down horrorscapes instead of dreamscapes. It is like Alice going down the rabbit hole. Try to remember that if you can catch a fear thought and reverse it into what you want to have happen you will in that very moment ascend into the dreamscape. You will shift into feeling gratitude and joy for the feeling of the experience you want. It will also relieve anxiety and angst shifting you into gratitude consciousness. We manifest what we think about, what we imagine. Imagine the best case scenario for the highest timeline. Not only for how you will feel but also to magnetize that potentiality to you. Worry and angst keep us in low frequency timelines and states of distress. Shift the timelines for your highest and greatest through your thoughts and beliefs. Quantam leaping to your joy and highest timeline potentialities. Everything we have ever created was the result of our imagination. You choose… divine sovereignty

Image credit Dmytro Tolokonov,

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