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May 21, 2022

When we dare to take second and third chances we dare to look within ourselves. Our grit, determination to revisit why something didn’t go as planned. Where we were mind sabotaging, where we didn’t believe, where we didn’t feel worthy of, where we pushed too hard, where it was grainy and not smooth. Getting up and trying again is the holy desire to create and hold conviction in a dream. In a timeline of highest and greatest. Knowing all is for a reason, for a purpose, coinciding with readiness and divinity’s flow.

We are blessed to be able to have the conscious experience to try again. Each time more clear, more wise and more loving. Learning from our mistakes, but trusting that we had it in us all along. We just had to believe we did! Our knowing, our truth, our integrity, our dream, so beautiful.

To our dream of love in the outer and all of it’s miraculous form and formless. Seamless inner outer hugging rhythmic harmonic holographic dancing divine union flow.

So thankful for the power of love, belief and the breath of life to dream and create in this beautiful flow and it’s great mystery with all of you.

Video Unknown: credit if know below

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